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With this variation on a famous statement by the philosopher Descartes, I would like to express that writing about what happens in my life is important to me.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Toki Pona: The language of good

This evening, I got the book Toki Pona: The language of good by Sonja Lang (formerly Sonja Elen Kisa), ISBN:9780978292300 from bookshop Broekhuis, which I had ordered, and paid € 19.99. In the evening I read through the book skipping some parts. The book is about the constructed language Toki Pona, which only has 120 words. The book contains lessons for the language, but also a kind of hieroglyphs of each word and a sign language. A few years ago, I made some attempt to learn the language. I think I am going to try again. The only negative point that I have about the book is that here and there it contains some reference to the (recently acquired) religious convictions of the authors, which I find are not appropriate for this kind of work.

Monday, June 30, 2014


I try keep track of our gas usage and milages. For this purpose, I always fill up the gas tank and note down the distance we travelled. Our car also has a milage indicator but it is not always very reliable. Last week, Annabel got some gas, but she did not fill up the tank, because the price was quite high. Now I don't know how much gas was used during both periods. But I can use the readings from the milage indicator to make a good guess. Annabel filled 20.02 liter of gas and noted down a distance of 586.5 Km with a milage reading of 15.6 Km/l. Yesterday, I filled 35.55 liter with a distance of 309.6 Km and a milage reading of 16.0 Km/l. The total distance traveled is 896.1 Km and the total gas is 55.57 liter, which gives an average milage of about 16.1256 Km/l. The weighted milage according to the indicator is equal to (15.6 * 586.5 + 16.0 * 309.6) / 896.1, which is: 15.7382 Km/l. This means that the reported values of the milage indicator have to be multiplied with 1.02461 to arrive at an estimation of the true usage during the given periode. This results in an estimated usage of 36.69 liter of gas during the first periode and 18.88 liter during the second periode. These add up to 55.57 liter for both periodes. Yesterday, I paid € 61.47. But taking into accound the estimated gas usage during the last periode, it means that actually only € 32.65 was used. The remained has to be added up to the amount of the first periode (€ 35.42) resulting in € 64.24. Now I can use these numbers to calculate how much Annabel has to pay for gas that she used during both periods based on the administration that we keep, assuming that she agrees with the above calculations, of course.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

De Slegte

Today, it was the last day that books were sold (with a 75% discount) at the location of the former De Slegte bookshop. In the last half hour before they closed at 4 PM, I looked around, seeing if there was any book that I still would like to buy, but I could find non, not even when I was told at the end, that I could take some for free (because I had been such a frequent customer). I think, it was because I already had bought all the books that I did find interesting in the past months. At the moment, I have a whole stack of books that I still need to put in my bookshelves. They have to leave the shop empty by July first, and someone was already busy with taking down the shelves along the walls and not without making some loud noises.
Twitter pic: Historic moment.... The doors of Polare Enschede being closed for the last time. De Slegte now part of Broekhuis. — Broekhuis Enschede (@BoekEnschede) June 29, 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Finals AKI 2014

I decided to have a look at Tetem and I discovered that the 'Finals AKI 2014' exhibition was held there, and in the AKI ArtEZ building and 21Rozendaal. At Tetem, I saw the works of, among others, Mercedes Marin and Pauli Beutel. In the main building, I:
  • Saw the trailer for the Modicum movie by Christian Hecht.
  • Looked at the installation by Paul Schick with images projected on water sprayed from the ceiling giving some interesting 3D effect.
  • Experienced the installation by Julian Rotter.
  • Talked a long time with Madelon Pels about her works. She was busy with cutting flowers from paper.
  • Looked at the posters made by Kim de Jong. I took one card from her exhibition with the text "De mens is het enige levende wezen dat weet dat het sterfelijk is en dat lacht" ("Humans are the only living beings that know that they are mortal en who laugh").
  • Looked at the books that Kiki Meekels had put on eleven numbered chairs. Each book contains many empty pages and some pictures she made during a day she spend with a person she knew from Facebook.
  • Looked at the wall of books being part of Reincarnate books by Nicole Pietruschka (blog).
  • Talked with Jasmijn de Boer about her clever experiments she had made with books.
  • Looked at the final thesis of Oriëtta Batzakis.
  • Looked at the 'pop-up store' by Lobke Stroet which she had completely made by herself. I also talked a little with her.

I also visited 21Rozendaal, the last of three places where the finals exhibition was held. There I watched the movie "Part of the Empire/Plague" (trailer) by Jeffry Spekenbrink consisting of time-laps fragments for which he composed the music. In this sense it reminded me of Koyaanisqatsi. I also looked at the book "Showing my father the world" by Gunter Gruben from a project with the same title.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Seventh leaf

In the past week the sixth and seventh leaf of the little magnolia plant have become fully grown. The start of the eight leaf is already visible. The leaves are becoming bigger and bigger, but still only half the length of an average leaf on the mother tree.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

75% or more

Since last Thursday, bookshop Broekhuis is giving 75% off on all books at the former Polare / De Slegte location. But often it is even more, because the prices are rounded down. At 17:56:22, I bought the book Jalozie by Catherine Millet, ISBN:9789023462774, for only half a Euro.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Deventer murder trial

Today, some interesting developments in the Deventer murder trial were announced. A team of the police has been researching the case again. They found two pieces of evidence suggesting that Mrs. Jaqueline Wittenberg was murdered on Friday, September 24, 1999 and not on the day before. This would rule out Ernest Louwes as the murderer because he has an alibi for that day. (Many years ago, some lay person already had concluded based on the report of the state of the body when it was found, that it was very unlikely that she was murdered on September 23.) Moreover, forensic doctors say that based on all available photos and research material there are indications that the body has been moved 6 to 24 hours after the murder. This would mean that someone has been on the crime scene before the body was found. (It was already known that the body was moved from, most likely, the hall to the living room before the picture of her late husband. Some lay person has concluded that the seven stabbing wounds were made after the body was moved.) There is also mentioning of new perpetrator knowledge was discovered. The details of this are not revealed. (This could point to an other suspect that is being investigated at this moment.)

In addition, the investigators discovered a crucial mistake regarding the phone call that Louwes made to his client, the victim, on the evening of September 23. Louwes declared that he made the phone call 'on the A28, near Harderwijk'. But in the police report this was mistakenly interpreted as a call from 't Harde, which is a difference of at least 8 kilometers. This also invalidates an important statement by expert witnesses with respect to the possibility that the phone call was picked-up from Deventer. Faced with this new information, expert witness J. Rijnderslaan from KPN Security, has retracted a rather incriminating statement against Louwes, and he encourages other experts to do the same.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Fifth leaf

In the past week the fifth leaf of the little magnolia plant occured. It is now larger than the other leaves and it also is on a small stalk. The signs for a sixth leaf is already there. It seems it is picking up some speed now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Poem and two books

Last Friday the new second hand department of bookshop Broekhuis on the third and fourth floor was official opened. It has been given the name "De Slegte", which shines in neo-lights along the stair to the third floor. This morning, when I visited the third floor, a clerk told me that about a hunderd people attended the opening and that he had missed me. I explained that I had to take care for Andy. I was given a copy of the poem Textielstad by Willem Wilmink published for the occasion in a limited edition of 250. I got number 92.

On the opposite side of the street, I bought the books:

  • Leven met Reve: het onmogelijke huwelijk van Gerard Reve en Hanny Michaelis by Ad Fransen, ISBN:9789057594199, for € 3.00.
  • Grondslagen van de mythologie van het schrijverschap by Harry Mulisch, ISBN:9789068680096, for € 3.00.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Election predictions

In the past week, several organisation have come with predictions about the votes for the European elections in the Netherlands based on exit-polls. Especially the predictions by GeenStijl, based on the actual counts of about 1300 polling stations (a total of 664,316 voters), became international news, because althought the voting for the Netherlands were held on Thursday, the results were only to be announced late Sunday evening. Two other organisations also gave a prediction. The prediction of Ipsos was based on 40,000 individuals and the prediction of Peil.nl was based on 300 polling stations and 10,000 individuals. To calculate the performance of the various predictions, I have summed (for the larger parties) the square of the difference between the prediction and the (still provisional) result of the percentages. (I did not compare the number of seats, because the number of seats is rather low, and the algorithm used to divide the remaining seats in face of list associations, can lead to some non-linear behaviour.) The predictions and the result with the performance are given in the table bellow. A higher value for the performance means that it was worse. (I am not an expert in statistics and do not know whether this is the chosen performance indicator is the correct one.) This clearly shows that larger number of individuals does not lead to a better result. It is known that Peil.nl applies a correction based on previous voting behaviour of the registered users of Peil.nl. Probably Ipsos also applies some kind of correction or takes care that their pool of individuals is homogeneous. If the average of Ipsos and Peil.nl predictions are taken an even better performance is achieved. (The numbers are taken from here and here.)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Truck Run 2014

Andy joined the Truck Run 2014. According to him this is the third time that he joins into the Truck Run event. I went with him. The picture on the right is of him sitting on the bed in the truck. The route we took (based on my memories) with Google Earth: KML file or in Google Maps.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


At 11:27, I bought the book Vrouwen zijn leuker (Women are more fun) by Joyce Roodnat, ISBN:9789025435165, for euro; 4.00 from the sale at bookshop Broekhuis at the former location of Polare / De Slegte.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Colour in Time

At 17:57, I bought the book Colour in Time by Jan Brand and Anne van der Zwaag, ISBN:9789089891105, for € 7.50 from the sale at bookshop Broekhuis at the former location of Polare / De Slegte. I bought this book because it has a short article about the Forbo colour space designed by Peter Struycken.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


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