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Puzzles and riddles

I have a certain interest in puzzles and riddles. For this reason, it is not strange that it is on of these reoccuring subject in my online diary.

Socks riddle

People standing in a circle

Filling the 70x70 square with 1x1 to 23x23

Squares on a grid

Goat problem

Usage Sort

Morse reordering puzzle

Squares inside squares and rectangles

Folding strips of paper

A wooden puzzle


(proven to be NP-complete for sufficient colors and size.)

Making a CD label

Optimization problem

Triangle tilings

Square tilings



Rule 30

See also:

Exact Cover


Chinese Wooden Puzzle

Racing horse game


Arabic Geometric Patterns

Latest PostScript file.

P versus NP problem

Infinite grid coverings


Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Jugo Flower

Diagonal mazes

Six of six colours on six by six squares

Four colour theorem



Street Tiling Patterns

Fractal Jigsaw

Irregular Chocolate Bar

Colour rubber straps

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