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Diary, December 2005

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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Creative people have more sex partners

Today, I came across the article Schizotypy, creativity and mating success in humans by Daniel Nettle and Helen Clegg, which concludes that creative people have more sex partners. When he speaks about creativity he means artistic creativity. Appearently, people who have artistic creativity react stronger on impulses. I also found the article Schizotypy and mental health amongst poets, visual artists and mathematicians by Daniel Nettle. Could it be that mathematicians have less "unusual experiences", because they are simply better at understanding and thus explaining the reality around them. Mathematical understanding also requires creativity. I personally believe that understanding is a creative process, because one has to generate a hypothesis about something that one experieces and than verify it against that experience. Many of the greatest inventions are the result of placing things in a different perspective, and that often involves a "creative" jump from the traditional line of thinking.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Losing with 39 points

It has been some weeks that Annabel and I went to the university to play Go. We arrived as first. A little later, Marcel and Rudi arrived, and shortly thereafter Ton. I decided to play against Ton. Taco had also arrived, and started a game against Marcel. And then Annabel played against Rudi. She was given 25 stones ahead, and lost with 54 points. Ton and I decided that I was to be given six stones ahead. After about two hours, I lost with 39 points. I had kept all my stones apart, but somehow he succeeded in capturing almost all the boarders. And all those long small boarders made up a lot of points. He felt we had some good fights, and that our game play was definitely getting at a higher level. In past weeks, he played some strong games against Marcel. It seems that he too has become stronger in the past year.

Friday, December 9, 2005


This evening, I started with Myst, not the original version, but the "Myst Masterpiece Edition" from 1999, which as I understand it, only has improved graphics and sounds. I am going to keep a logbook again. The reason that I continue with Myst and not with Uru: The path of the shell, is because I have not been able to locate a cheap copy of this game.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Going on a date

This weekend, Andy was away to the weekend-care, and Annabel was having a birthday party this afternoon. Li-Xia and I took the opportunity to go the city together. The last time we did this, was on October 6, our wedding day. After we had done our normal shoppings and had put everything in the bags of our bikes, we went to Camel and ordered the usual. We sat inside on a round table, close to each other. When I went to pay the bill, the boy who served us, asked if we wanted to pay separately. Did we look so much in love that we could not have been married, or was it just a standard question for him? Then we looked around "De Slegte" bookshop and some other shops. We also looked for some dresses for Li-Xia. In the end we did not buy anything. We came home around five o'clock and decided to lay down for half an hour.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Curly kail hotchpotch

This evening, I made some curly kail hotchpotch. Instead of using fresh potatoes, we decided to use instant mashed potatoes especially for hotchpotch by Maggi. Annabel did not like the taste of the instant mashed potatoes. I felt it was quite heavy on my stomach. I also had some red unions with it. And we opened a can of Unox sausages.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Uru flymode

This evening, I installed flymode for Uru. I took some time to look around the different Uru worlds. In a sense it was a kind of dissapointment. It is almost like watching a behind the scenes of a movie. In a way it takes away a lot of the magic. Somehow you are expect to see more, when you start flying around, but soon you discover that only visible part have been modeled. I also found this interesting page about Uru tweaks and the Alcugs Wiki.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Little snow

This morning, there was a little snow on the grass and the cars. In morning it did snow several times a little bit. None of this snow did stay on the ground

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Thin layer of snow

This morning, there was a thin layer of snow on everything. The sky was relatively clear. When we came outside, we discovered that the snow looked more like hail as it consisted of all very small hail stones.

Rule 30 jigsaw

Yesterday evening, I discovered a nice way to create a jigsaw for one dimensional cellular automatons, starting from an idea I got last Sunday while in church. The form of the jigsaw pieces is such that they hold together. The basic layout consists of two H connected to the side, and then rotated 45 degrees clock-wise. This solves the crossing problem. Below the pieces are given for Rule 30, where the order of the pieces follows the one given on MathWorld. The shapes are slightly different for the values zero and one. For clarity, zero is coloured with white and one with black.

The entry "Universal jigsaw puzzle" on the blog of Paul Harrison gives a jigsaw puzzle for Rule 110. This makes use of auxilary pieces to solve the crossing problem.


Monday, December 19, 2005

Thin layer of snow

This morning, when I looked out of the window, there was a thin layer of snow outside. The snow soon dissapeared when it started to rain a little.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


This evening, I downloaded UruTweak an notepad clone that performs some decryption/encryption during load/save so that Uru files can be tweaked. I gave it a try and removed some blockages in the city. I have played with the idea of developing an age by myself, but I afraid that it will be a lot of work. Maybe I should start with extending an existing age. You are not allowed to publish any modifications.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Freedom Lost

The new Afghan consitution drew praise from the Bush Administration with its supposed freedoms of speech, religion, movement, and equal rights for women and minorities, and in particular its requirement that 25 percent of the legislative seats in the Loya Jirga be set aside for women. What the Administration chose to ignore is the fact that Islamic law trumps all of the so-called freedom guarantees in the constitution. The constitution states that "no law can be contrary to the sacred religion of Islam" (Article 3). As Freedom House's Paul Marshall pointed out in a National Review piece, "If the state declares that its laws and decisions are identical with Islam, then any opposition can be punished as violating Islam." That pretty much shuts down criticism of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Lack of freedom is just one of the areas where little has changed. The U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom calls the present Karzai government and the new constitution "Taliban-lite." And for good reason. War lords and drug lords have strengthened their grip over large areas of the country, while opium production and exportation has boomed. There are frequent allegations that the government is involved in the drug trade, something the Afghan president does not deny. Many conservative clerics, jihadists, and war lords, even former Taliban, have gained a semblance of legitimacy as new members of parliament.

Indeed the Supreme Court's Chief Justice Shinwari sometimes sounds more Taliban-esque than the Taliban themselves. According to the organization Equality Now, Chief Justice Shinwari has made several attempts to ban women from singing and dancing in public. A year ago the Supreme Court issued a ban on cable television channels, particularly condemning Indian musicals. Afghanistan's top judge has stated that women should cover their bodies entirely, exposing only their faces and hands, and that adulterers should be stoned to death.

Meanwhile hatred of the West continues apace. Hazrat Wahriz, founder of the Union of Freedom of Expression in Afghanistan told the Chicago Tribune that, "in every mosque, [clerics] are agitating against anything having to do with democracy and anything to do with freedom of expression."

One wonders what society President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice were referring to when they said "Afghanistan is now inspiring the world with its march toward democracy," and (referring to the defeat of the Taliban) that "the Afghan people have now been freed from that horror."

The fact is that the keystones of a free society -- freedom of speech, religion, the press, and equal rights for women -- all remain pretty much the same as under the Taliban. So what has changed for the average Afghani? You may want to ask Ali Mohaquq Nasab, while you still can.

Lost again

Tonight, Annabel and I went to the university to Go. I challenged Ton for again and we decided that I would be given six stones ahead. Annabel played a number of games on a 9x9 board against Jan-Willem. Then she continued reading in a book she had brought and looking around. I felt, I was not doing so good, and in the end I lost with 23 points.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Today, I saw a spam messages that started with the line: "Can you touch her G-Spot? If your Manhood is bigger and long enough you can." The messages then goes on to suggest that it should be longer than 6 inch to reach the G-spot. Of course, this is total nonsense, because the G-spot is at most 2 inches inside the vagina.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Step counter

On Wednesday, we recieved a free pedometer because we joined the Yakult contest. Today, I have put it on. On the end of the day, it said that I had made 12691 steps, which is equal to 14.910 Km or 266.6 Kcal.


Myst IV: Revelations

Today, I had a day off, and Li-Xia and I went shopping in the city. By accident we came across a copy of Myst IV: Revelations for just 10 Euro and could not resist the temptation to buy it. I installed it in the evening, and played for almost half an hour. See my logbook for the details.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Curly kail hotchpotch with red unions

This time I used one kilo of patotoes to make curly kail hotchpotch. I decided to boil some red unions with the potatoes. It gave a little sweet taste to the hotchpotch. One type of Dutch hotchpotch is made with carrots, unions and potatoes. So, it is a kind of mixture of different types of hotchpotches.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


This morning, I was having trouble solving a nonogram. I thought it could not be solved with my usual approach of solving row-by-row and column-by-column. I saw some way I could get further with some combined row and column reasoning. I was excited to find a nonogram that could not be solved with the row-by-row and column-by-column approach. I entered it into my original solver, which did not have any problem solving it. As this program uses only row-by-row and column-by-column reasoning I did not find a counter example. But nevertheless, I got some idea for constructing a nonogram that could not be solved with the row-by-row and column-by-column approach. I had to modify the program to verify that it would only have a single solution. And to my surprise it did work. Then I constructed a simpler counter example of a nonogram that has a single solution but cannot be solved with the simple row-by-row and column-by-column approach. It is a seven by seven nonogram with for both the rows and the columns the numbers: 3, 2-2, 2-2, 1-1, 2-2, 2-2, and 3. It would not surprise me if a smaller counter-example does exist.


Thursday, December 29, 2005

A little snow

When we arrived home yesterday, there was a little snow on the ground. Today, it did throughout the day. Every then and now, little snowflakes could be seen falling from the sky. In the afternoon, I looked around in the city a little, and when I went home there was a thin layer of snow on my bike as well as on the ground. That snow stayed the rest of the day.

Friday, December 30, 2005

More Rule 30 Jigsaws

In the past weeks, I worked on more Rule 30 Jigsaws. First of all, I came up with a very solution on a square grid. It is based on basis of 9 by 9 squares. With one pixel per square, it looks like:

Because this is rather small, below a five fold magnification:

This made me think of a more smooth version.


In the evening, it started to snow. It was drifting snow. Although it looked like a lot at certain places, I don't think it was somewhere between one or two centimeter. There is a warm front moving in from the west. That means that temperatures are going to rise, but because the warm air flows over the cold air on the ground, it is also an ideal condition for black ice. According to the weather report, it is going to reach us tomorrow morning.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Smallest 'hard' Nonogram

This afternoon, I spend about four hour writing a program for finding the smallest Nonogram that cannot be solved in row-by-row and column-by-column approach, yet only has one solution. (See entry of last Tuesday for the first counter example that I found). When I was finally done, I was rather surprised by the large number of such Nonograms that were found. The smallest 'hard' Nonogram (with respect to area) is a two by four Nonogram, with on the short side the numbers 1-1 and 2 and on the long side the numbers 1, 1, 1, and 1. The solution of this Nonogram is:
   1 0 0 1
   0 1 1 0
Below a table that for different size gives some numbers. The column 'total' contains the total number of patterns possible, which is equal to two raised to the power of the product of the sizes (=2(n*m)). The column 'reducable' contains the number of patterns with empty starting or finishing columns of rows or that have more than one adjecent empty rows or columns. The column 'hard' contains the number of patterns that are 'hard' nonograms. The column 'single' contains the number of patterns that are nonograms with a single solution, and which can be solved with the row-by-row and column-by-column approach. The column 'multiple' contains patterns whoes nonograms have other solutions than the pattern from which they are derived.


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