Logbook Myst IV: Revelations

On this page, I keep a logbook of my explorations of Myst IV: Revelations It is an almost verbatim copy of the notes that I made, so don't expect it to be grammatically correct or understandable. It is not a walk through, but I guess it can be understood by someone that played the game. For hints I looked at the UHS Myst IV hints page.

See also my Myst logbook. Before I finished this game, I also started with Myst V: End of Ages.

Session 1: Evening of December 23, 2005

21:45 Started. 21:51 Started calibration. 22:04 Took the elevator one level down. 22:05 Met Yeesha. Said something about her hanger. 22:08 I pushed some button and then a lever. The lights went out, and I cannot move the lever anymore. Looked around the bedroom, went inside the "mantelpiece". 22:13 Quit. Cummulative playing time 0:28

Session 2: Afternoon of January 2, 2006

14:10 Started. 14:12 Opened small cabinet above the desk. A note explaining how to operate mechanism in fireplace. 14:15 Switched on the light on the desk. Switched on the light near the bed. Nothing happened. 14:16 Maybe there is no electricity. 14:18 I went outside. Continued. Another handle here. I moved it to the left and right but nothing happened. 14:21 Cannot go further here. 14:22 Tried the button and handle again. Still does not work. 14:26 Walked back and found a little room in between the two greenhouses. Yeesha was there and gave some information. 14:28 Looked at the electricity switching borad. 14:29 There is a locked door here. Many books here. 14:30 There is a book with drawings of butterflies and beetles. 14:31 Also found a symbol on the wall. Looks like it is related to the switching board. 14:33 Went downstairs in the first greenhouse. Yeesha is trying to play a song on a kind of flute. 14:34 There is a button here, but it doesn't do a thing. 14:35 Went upstairs. 14:36 And downstairs againa. Went to second greenhouse. You cannot go down there. 14:38 Took elevator down. 14:39 Elevator does not have enough power to go down all the way. I am upstairs again. I went downstairs again. 14:41 Found symbol on elevator. 14:45 Walked back to bedroom to see where the elevator leads to. Not much it seems. There is no platform there, but there is a kind of track in the water. 14:47 It looks like the track leads to under the platform behind the bedroom. 14:48 The handle close to the water also has some symbols. 14:55 Found mangnifier in small room. 14:57 There is also a lid on the box with the little butterflies. Should I let them go out? 14:59 I studied the switching board. 15:01 I switched all the power to the two near the handle bar. 15:02 It still does not work. Because the light are red maybe?? 15:04 Back at the switch board. Restored original situation. 15:08 Yes it seems you have to got both at "green" for it to work. 15:12 I succeeded in doing it. They started to blink and it closed. 15:13 I am at the handle. It still does not work. I pushed the button. The wheel starts to work again. So I have restored power, it seems. 15:15 When I walked back, everything collapsed and it is dark now. 15:17 The electricity switch board shows everything on green. 15:18 I switched on the light downstairs in first glasshouse. 15:20 Took elevator downstairs. It went to the other side. 15:22 I went in the fireplace. I got the necklage (Yeesha's?) 15:24 I copied the code. I pushed the button and tried to solve the puzzle. It was not that hard if you start at the "right" side. 15:29 I am downstairs. 15:32 I went inside after moveing the handle. I have now access to the two linking books. I go into the "right" one. (That is what I am supposed to do, or not?) 15:34 Looked at the box. 15:38 I went outside, but I cannot go far. Then went inside again. This must have been the prison. I sounded the horn. 15:39 Found the linking book for going back and used it. 15:40 I went to the other world. 15:43 Walked down the stairs and took the elevator down. 15:47 Played with the electricity thing. Of course, this is only to show you that you have to use the electricity to get the stone down. Just like in Exile. 15:49 Read the book. 15:54 Continued looking around. 15:58 (I just erased my only picture that I took. How bad.) 16:00 Found telescope. 16:02 Went further down. 16:03 There is a closed gate here. 16:05 I went to the top. 16:07 I am in the top room. 16:09 Went back. 16:10 When I came back, I saw someone "disappear". Went up to bedroom. 16:13 Used handle to move bridge. 16:14 Looked at chessboard. 16:16 Found book outside on table. With translation. The note says "tseeshah". D'ni for Yeesha, I guess. 16:20 I moved the bridge again. Went into the room. 16:21 Some fish. 16:22 You can push the books in the bookshelve. 16:23 Opened the book. Looks like the diary of Yeesha. 16:31 Went outside and moved bridge. 16:32 Moved it back and crossed it. 16:33 Moved it again and crossed it again. 16:34 Used elevator back to observatorium. 16:35 Nobody here. Looked at the viewer. 16:36 On the top there are some kind of looking glasses. I sat in the chair. The red button seems not to work. 16:46 Found a book. Some kind of crystal code: red, light blue, yellow, green and dark blie. 16:56 Pushed the amulet while standing at the viewer. It gave some message. 16:59 Took elevator to middle platform. 17:02 I opened the box with the insects. They fly around the ceeling. 17:05 I quit. Cummulative playing time 3:23

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