Logbook Myst

On this page, I keep a logbook of my explorations of Myst (Masterpiece Edition). It is an almost verbatim copy of the notes that I made, so don't expect it to be grammatically correct or understandable. It is not a walk through, but I guess it can be understood by someone that played the game.

See also my Uru: To D'ni logbook. Before I finished this game, I also started with Myst IV: Revelations.

Session 1: Evening of December 9, 2005

21:02 Started. 21:04 Clicked on book/ 21:06 Found letters "Number of Marker Switches on the imager". 21:07 Went into the room. Switched off light. Sit on the chair, investigated pannel. 21:08 You have to enter a date and time. Nothing useful at the moment, I guess. 21:10 Enter library. Found a linking book. 21:11 I put the sheet in the book. It gives some message, but it is not very clear. "blue pages". 21:12 A green book. "Channelwoord" 21:22 Blue book. Looked through it. Recorded piano numbers. 21:25 A drawing of a map. A green book with "silver bird". It is burnt. Most of the books are burnt. 21:26 Grey. 21:27 Drawing of "Stoneship Age". Drawing of Constellations. 21:32 Another book. 21:33 Fifth ook. 21:36 I noted down the first two pages. Then decided to check how many there are. 300! 21:37 Pressed on the painting on the left. Some stair appeared behind bookshelve. 21:38 If you press on the other painting, it closes again. Luckily. 21:39 Watched the message in the other book. 21:40 Looked at the map. Looks like it shows where I am. I pressed on the circle. It says "Tower rotation". I opened the bookshelve. 21:43 Entered elevator. There are two stairs. 21:44 I went up the one close to the door. Went down and up the other one. You cannot go any further. 21:47 Went back down-stairs. There is a chinmney. 21:48 There is a button inside. 21:49 You can make a pattern here. I made the pattern for "1". But nothing happened. 21:50 Pressed red button. Everything became blank again. Let's try "2" 21:51 Also does not do anything. 21:53 I made the inverse pattern. ALso nothing, it looks like. 21:54 I went outside. There is a ship in the water. 21:55 The symbols of the constilations are on the pillars. 21:56 You can switch them on "red"/"green". 21:57 Looked at the rocket. 21:58 I have to enter the pattern with the number of switches. 21:59 Walked to the clock tower. 22:00 Tried the buttons, then continued. 22:01 There is a safe with a number lock. 22:02 A room where you can go down. 22:04 I played with the buttons. It looks like the right one does not go up anymore after I played a little. So it is broken now, I guess. 22:05 There is a note besides the door. This brings power to the space-ship. 22:10 I walked around (did not succeed to get it on again.) to the start and found another small door. 22:11 Walked down. Topographical Extrusion test 40. Water turbulent pool 67. Marker switch diagram 47. 22:12 Found the button. 22:17 I stop. I looked at the map. It looks I went to all places. I did understand that the wheel is for getting the ship up. 22:20 Exit. Cummulative playing time 1:18

Session 2: Evening of December 28, 2005

21:34 Started. 21:38 I counted seven main switches. 21:39 Looked up the points. 21:45 Entered the code inside the mantelpiece. Did not work. Also tried the inverse. But nothing happened. I did notice that it took some time before the light went on again. Where is the message? 21:48 On the note it says fore-chamber near the dock. I went in there. 21:49 I entered the number, but nothing happenede. Let's try eight. 21:50 It worked. Some message that does not say much. Something about a table. "Access-key" "table rotation". 21:54 Looked at the marker switch diagram. 21:55 I am going to put all the switches in the up position. 21:58 Found the eight switch up the pole. But I cannot switch it, it looks like. 21:59 No the eight switch is close to the clock tower. I guess that the switch I have found is some kind of fuss. 22:01 Yes, it was. Now both dials are on again. I remember that I read somewhere how much power is needed. I found out how much power each of the ten buttons adds. 22:04 Went away. 22:08 Back. Let's just try it. 22:11 It should be 59, because with 60 it went out. So use 10 + 7 + 1 + 22 + 19. 22:14 Simply using the fuss switch does not work. 22:20 Found that the other pole also has a switch. Used that as well. 22:21 It works again. 22:22 I am inside the space ship. 22:23 There is a keyboard here 22:34 Looks like I got the melody right. 22:35 No, I am mistaken. 22:36 Quit. Cummulative playing time 2:20

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