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Diary, March 2007

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Warmest winter on record

Today, we received the news that the past (metereological) winter, the past three months, are the warmest on record with an average themperature of 6.5 degrees Celsius.

Saturday, March 3, 2007


I downloaded the Demo version of AutoStitch. It is quite nice program. So far, I only have encountered two problems. First of all is that it uses spherical projection. Which is fine if you want to use it inside a panorama viewer, but if you us it for creating a "flat" picture, there is a (sometimes strong) fish-eye effect.

In the evening, I also downloaded Hugin, an interface over Panotools. It is less advance, but in a sense gives you more control over the processing. It also has some auto-stitching abilities. I used both programs (in combination with Paint and XNview) to construct pictures matching those in Maastricht from the pictures I took during our trip last week.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

School test results

Today, Annabel brought the results from her school tests home. It is these test that give an indication of which type/level of high school she can attend. The scores were as expected. She scored high on non-verbal/performal/symbolic intelligence and low on verbal intelligence. For language her percentile score was 14 (meaning that only 14 percent of the Dutch children that did this test scored lower). For mathematics her percentile was 82. (Last year she even scored 94.) Overall her scores are lower than those of last year. I am afraid that she thought a little too easy about these tests or was a little too self confident and did not really think about the questions. I also wonder to which extend our family situation has influenced the test results. I got the impression that Li-Xia was not really aware that these tests were going on.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Playing Go

This evening, Annabel and I went to the university to play Go. When we arrived, Juri was already waiting for us. He was reading a book for his English subject at school. It was the book "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". He invited me for a game, and I decided to give myself a six stone advance. I was giving him a hard time, until I lost my group in the center, after which I could have resigned. We continued, but did not count. He must have won with at least 80 points.

I also talked with Ton and Rudi, who will also go to the "European Youth Goe Championships 2007". From Rudi, who is one of the organizers, we heard that Ton and his children will be staying in the same cottage as Annabel and I. We also heard that only the breakfast is included in the price. After we came home, I made a list of things to bring and already packed some things. My plan is to leave around six tomorrow evening.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Going to EYGC2007

This evening, Annabel and I leave to join the European Youth Goe Championships 2007, which are being held in Zandvoort. Around 18:24, we left from the gas station in Enschede where I had got some gas. Close to Haarlem, I took the first exit in the direction of Zandvoort, and after I took it, I realized that it would not bring us through Overveen, the city of my paternal ancestors. Butthe road to Zandvoort had a detour, and we ended up in Overveen anyway. From there we followed the road to Zandvoort, which runs along the beach for some distance. We parked and looked to the dark sea, where we could only see some faint white lines at the place where the waves break. When we arrived at the park, we heard that the registration was in the hotel. There we met Rudi at the registration. We got the key of the cottage, number 459, and walked there with all our luggage after we had gone back to the park. Ton and Titus were already at the cottage. They had played some games of Hex. After Titus and Annabel had played some games of Hex, Ton and I played some games.

Friday, March 9, 2007

EYGC2007: First day

I woke up early in the morning, and I had the feeling that I did not sleep anymore, but I do remember dreaming, so I guess that I did sleep. We got up around eight, and we walked to the hotel where the tournament was held. Everything was quite chaotic, and it took some time before everything was organized and the tournament could really start. I taked a little with David Woo of Hong Kong Go Club. Annabel played in the "Under 18" category of the "European Youth Goe Championships 2007". In the first round she played against Ernst Dennis. Ton and I went downstairs for the side event, but the start of it was delayed as well. Ton and I started a game with me getting six stones ahead. He soon had to resign. When the side event started, I played against Francien Finke and I won with 71 points. Annabel had already come to tell that she lost her game against Ernst, who she felt was much stronger that the 25 Kyu he had been registered with.

Annabel and Titus went to swim in the swimming pool. During the lunch break, Ton and I went back to the cottage, where we played some games of Hex. I won twice to the surprise of Ton. I was not really trying hard, I think, just being lucky making the right moves. We could not find Annabel and Titus and spend a long time searching for them. Finally, Ton got them out of the swimming pool, but when they walked from the cottage back to the hotel, after they had eaten something, they were lost again, because they took a longer route. Both of them arrived late four the second round of the tournament. In this round, Annabel played against Janet Janssen (the daughter of Francien Finke), and won. In the second round of the side event, I lost from Antti Holappa with 11 points. I had gotten nine stones ahead and 80 point komi.

After the tournament, we wenr to the beach to fly with kites. Annabel and Ton both flew with a kite. (Picture of Annabel and with kite.) Titus was very busy with building sand castles against the rising tide. (Picture.)

In the evening, we went for a dinner at Restaurant Sharky's. After the dinner the others went back to the cottage, and I went upstairs to have a look what was going on. I end up walking behind Rudi while he was playing against 15 people simulatiously with one other person. I think I have never followed so many games at the same time. I hope I did learn something from it. When I came back at the cottage, Titus and Annabel were ready to go to bed. Ton and I probably played a game of Hex.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

EYGC2007: Second day

In the morning, in the third round of the Go tournament for under 18, Annabel lost from Christo Adelsberger. While we were waiting for the side event to begin, I played a game against Francien, with no handicap, which I won, without much trouble. In the third round, I had to play against Peder Wiklund. We started the game without handicaps. Only after about 20 moves, I noticed from his name tag that he was a 2 Dan player, and that I should have gotten at least nine stones ahead and some komi. I lost with 39 points, but I was quite happy about it. But it should be noted, that because he knew that he was going to win, he played very relaxed. He game me some analyses on the game. After this, I have been watching the game going on board 2 of the "Under 18" tournament. I have to admit that I did not understand much of the moves being made.

During the lunch, I walked to the beach and eat some bread that I had brought with me. At the waterfront, I met three girls who were taking some video for a project of the title "Salt" that they had to do for school. Ton takes Titus and Annabel to the indoor midget golf course.

In the afternoon, in the fourth round of the tournament, Annabel won from Serhiy Andrusenko. I played against Ton with seven stones ahead. I already predicted that I was going to win this game, and indead, Ton did resign during this game. I played a game against Peder, watched a game from the "Under 12" tournament, and also played two games against Liselot, both of which I lost. Then I also watched Guo Juan give some advice to a 3 Dan youth player. She is nice to listen to, even if you do not understand all the details. She also gave me a card of Audio Go Lessions website.

When I walked back to our cottage, I met Annabel on the way going there. She told me that she had lost the key of the cottage on the beach. I had given it to her when she wanted to go swimming after her game was finished. But she did not go swimming, but instead went to the beach to do some kite flying and building a sand castle. Titus was following her on some distance. I waited for him, and together we walked to the beach. We searched for some time for the key but could not find it. Finally, I phoned Ton, and he told me that he and Marlies (his girlfriend) were sitting at Standpaviljoen Thalassa (at number 18). He asked if Annabel and Titus were with me, and I told him about the missing key. He suggested that it might still be at the cottage, because Annabel and Titus met them there earlier on the afternoon. So we walked to the beach pavilion and met them there. The sun was setting above the sea, and when the sun almost went down, I went outside to take some pictures (one of them) and some video. We decided to have dinner at the place. And it turned out to be quite nice for a reasonable price. Annabel and Titus held a little contest about who could keep a piece of lemon in their mouth for the longest time. On our way home, we walked on the beach near the water front. It was high tide, and the sand where we walked felt a little like mud.

Back at the cottage, Annabel and Titus went to bed, and Ton, Marlies and I discussed about whether democracy is the best system or not, and how governments are operating. But soon we also went to bed.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

EYGC2007: Last day

In the morning, Titus noticed the Chinese Wooden Puzzle and he came up with new solution. There was still one key missing from the cottage. I decided to ask at the reception at the hotel. They lady there immediately asked our cottage number and phoned to the reception of the park. She told me that yesterday the key was found on the beach, and that I could get it back from the receptio of the park. I immediately informed the others about this. In the fifth round of the Go tournament for under 18, Annabel won from Jakub Vojtisek. At one point it looked like she was going to lose, but she invaded his territorium succesfully and won. When we waited for the last round of the side event, nobody appeared. Ton withdraw himself because he wanted to do some geocaching together with Marlies. When it appeared that it had been cancelled, and I went swimming together with Annabel, Titus and some other children. We stayed in the pool till about one o'clock. We had some french fries. Titus and Annabel went back to the hotel to play their last round. I went back to the cottage to bring our swimming gear back.

When I arrived in the room where Annabel was playing against Johannes Runkel in the sixth round of the tournament, and glanced at her board, her position looked good. I watched from a distance, but after I noticed that her opponent several times took away some white stones, I sat a little closer to discover that she had lost a lot of points. She finally lost the game. Which means that she won three out of six games, and did not win any price. Titus had won four out of six, so, he did win a price. Because Ton wanted to leave early, he went to collect the price before the official pricegiving. I hung around a little and played one blind game against Titus with a special set of playing stones made for blind people. When I looked for Annabel, it turned out that she had just finished bowling with some friends she had made. I went ahead to the cottage while they ordered an ice cream. I got the car and parked it at our cottage. Ton, Marlies, and Titus already had left. I cleaned the cottage a little. We left around five o'clock and it took us a long time to reach the highway because of the busy traffic of people leaving the beach. In Amersfoort we took a McDrive. We were home around kwarter past eight.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sitting outside

Today, it was the first time this year that it was warm enough during lunch time to sit outside in the sun. The maximum temperature measured around here was 16.7 degrees Celsius.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Depth of Go

Last weekend I looked a little bit through some of the old "Go world" that Annabel got as a participant, which are mostly interesting for their nice covers, as Ton remarked. In the Summer 1996, No. 77 edition, I read the interview between Kawakuma Hiroyuki and Cho Chikum in the article "The 20th Kisei Title Match". On page 10, Kawakuma Hiroyuki asks: "I heard that you did not expect Black to play 85. Is that correct?", and Cho Chikun answers: "Yes, it is. I thought Black A would be the move. I was going to respond at B. Even though the position was clearly unfavorable for me, I thought I could still continue the game, but when I saw Black 85, I decided to resign. As I already said, all of his moves fascinated me and, when I saw this last unexpected brilliancy, I lost my fighting spirit." I showed this to Ton and later also to Annabel, because to most players at our level there does not seem to be that much difference between Black 85 and Black A, because they are side by side in a still almost empty area of board. Now this morning, when I looked at it again, I realized that Black 85 probably forces white to play a defense move, where Black A would not have required this, thus keeping Black from responding at B, as he had intended. But still for us it probably would never have been a reason to resign a game, because we are not able to judge the state of our position, like these professional players are.

High school advice

This evening, I went to the school of Annabel to get her advice with respect to which type/level of high school fits best. Her teacher was quite happy about her. She has good motivation and works hard. The schools advice is for the type of high school that prepares for a vocational university. He also showed the results of the IQ test that she took last year. For one of the three test on the symbolic/performal/non-verbal scale, she scored 129. If I am not wrong, it was the test on folding. This clearly shows that she is a visual/spacial thinker.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Soccer championships

Lately, Annabel is very much into playing soccer. She is also participating in the soccer championships that are organize between the schools in Enschede. Today they had to play two games. The first game they lost, but during the second game she scored the only goal of the game, which they won. She was quite proud of her achievement.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Willow and Magnolia

I was home early this afternoon, and I decided to prune our Willow tree in the back-garden. I guess it took me about 20 minutes to break-off all the new grown branches. Our Magnola started blossoming. I think it has never started to blossom so early in the year.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Some snow

This morning, there was some snow on the roofs, the cars and the grass in the garden. At the moment, we are dealing with a cold front from the North. The temperatures have dropped. Yesterday during the day, there were some hail, wet snow, rain storms. I even did see a fragment of a rainbow. The flowers of the Magnolia have not really openend yet. I wonder whether they will turn brown again. Many of the buds are still closed.

Brain running on sound

The conventional idea has always been that the brain works on electricity. But now some researchers are suggesting that the brain actually runs on sound waves. To be precise on the soliton propagation of waves in the membranes of nerves (See On soliton propagation in biomembranes and nerves). But how does explain that an electrical potential is measured on a nerve cell? It must be that is a potential caused by a local change in the membrane, instead of electrical charge traveling through the cell.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pokémon game for Andy

Li-Xia bought a Pokémon game for Andy, which costed € 28.00. He himself wanted this game, and we had agreed with him that he would have to pay with 28 of the little Pokémon dolls, which he gets every morning if he keeps his diaper clean. I hope to teach him the concept of money in this way.

Playing Go

This evening, Annabel and I went to the university to play Go. Short after we arrived, Taco came, and we decided to play a game where I was given an eight stones advance. Not much later, Marcel arrived and he played against Annabel. They played two games on a 13x13 board and one game on a 19x19 board. She won two out of the three games. On the last game, she was given a nine stones advance and 140 points Komi. She won with 59 points, which means that without the Komi, she would have lost with 91 points. After the opening, I had secured three large corners, but one of my groups was not safe yet, and because of some not so smart moves, I lost it. And then I made some more smaller mistakes (such as not realizing that one his his groups was not secure yet), and I lost with 41 points.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Since March 15, the flowers on our Magnolia did not change much, and they also did not turn brown as I had feared. But this weekend the temperatures went up again, and today many of the buds opened and the Magnolia really started to bloom.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pokémon Memory game

This evening, Andy finished a Pokémon Memory game all by himself using an EasyBall "mouse" in 43 minutes and 58 seconds. Quite an achievement, I think. The EasyBall is getting old and does not work as smooth anymore as it should. When I opened it, I noticed that the three wheels on which the ball rests, have a flat spot and are no longer turning as they should.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Playing Go

In the evening, Annabel and I went to the university to play Go. On the way going there, she asked if we could more often attend a Go tournament. The problem is that there are not that many Go tournaments for children here in the Netherlands. When we arrived, we were the first, and Annabel asked me to play a game. The first game, where she got six stones ahead, I lost dramatically. I played too fast. For the second game we decided to play without handicap. And she lost that game dramatically. She wanted a revange, and we decided to play without handicap but with 30 points Komi. She won with 2 point. Annabel played some games of Hex against Edze, who had arrived late.

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