Logbook Myst V: End of Ages

On this page, I keep a logbook of my explorations of Myst V: End of Ages. It is an almost verbatim copy of the notes that I made, so don't expect it to be grammatically correct or understandable. It is not a walk through, but I guess it can be understood by someone that played the game. For hints I looked at the UHS Myst V hints page.

See also my Myst IV logbook and my Uru: The Path of the Shell logbook.

Session 1: Evening of August 26, 2006

20:29 Started installation 20:40 Started playing for the first time. Listened to the introduction after starting a new game 20:45 Options. 20:48 In some kind of room. There are several doors. 20:49 A table with a lamp and a book. The book seems locked. 20:51 Second door to the right. 20:52 Opened it and walk to the right. Went further down. 20:54 Found a bluie lamp. And a book. It's a journal. It says "MyMyst5Journal" 20:55 There is also a blue globe, which works as a save option. Followed the hall the lamp was pointing at. 20:57 There is something with a force field. Went in. All kinds of ages are displayed. Went up the stair. Not much to see, no exit at least. 21:00 Let's go back to where I found the journal. 21:02 Back at the starting place. Nothgin to see. So back to "Transporter" 21:04 Enter globe again. A speech from Yeesha. 21:09 Some other world with someone talking to me about the tablet. I must not give it to her. 21:12 I am in some kind of crater. Found a ladder down. Let's study the drawings on the stoned. 21:14 There is also a "dagger" here. 21:16 Went down the ladder. 21:17 In the hall. Found another book with a lamp. 21:22 The second "page" of Yeesha's writings. 21:23 Found a room with many things. 21:24 A jump book. 21:25 Found a map of this island. 21:26 And another of Yeesha's writtings. It has a drawing. This was the third of her writings. 21:29 Some projector giving a message. 21:30 Went outside. 21:31 Some D'ni writing on the wall. In blue. Another room. Something can move, I guess. Esher appears again to tell something. He points at a door that is closed. Let's try the handle bars here. 21:34 One is fixed. 21:35 The other opens a door. 21:36 I close the door on the other side. And arrive in a large circular room. 21:37 Esher appears again. The great shaft. He tells me to go down. I looked around. You can also "walk" down. 21:40 Activated the elevatot, because that must be faster. It does work. 21:41 I am downstairs. 21:42 Went into the small room and found another book of Yeesha about the D'ni. 21:44 There is a linking book. The same that I saw upstairs. 21:45 Went outside and discovered another elevator. I saved. 21:46 Let's try it. Another note of Yeesha besides the bar to activate the second elevator. 21:48 Activated elevator. 21:49 Turned left at bottom. 21:50 Dead-end it seems. Esher appears again. Something about the fans. 21:52 Down the stairs. Turned right, further down. 21:54 Another note in a room with a blue button. 21:57 Pushed the button. It counts back. I guess I have to run somewhere to activate another button. 21:58 Went downstairs further. Now standing in the middle of the bottom. There is some kind of button her as well. Let's check the other side. 22:00 Found yellow button. 22:01 Pressed it and walked back. Pushed the blue button. Then saw that the button at the bottom had turned red and when I pushed it, the floor went up. 22:03 Let's go down again. I found another room with again a note from Yeesha. 22:07 Activated the switch for the fans, I guess. 22:08 Another room. Listened to the projection. "I am the grower" 22:09 Another linking book. Each seems to jump to another part of the same world. Let's go down now. 22:11 There is nowhere to go at the yellow switch. What about the blue? Also nothing. 22:14 Decided to follow linking book. 22:15 Did so. Esher is here. 22:17 Decided to look around a little. There are linking books back to where I came from. 22:19 It seems you cannot go to the other parts, because the gates at the bridges can only be opened on the entering side. 22:20 Enter "first" globe. 22:22 I am at the shore of the first age. (Li-Xia joined me around this time.) 22:24 This is the age of Esher. Found the symbols. Looked around the tunnel and back. The other tunnel is a dead-end. 22:29 Took ladder up. 22:32 Walked around. Found the stones with the rotating heads. 22:33 There is some kind of room inside the building on the top. 22:36 How many windows are there? 22:39 Went down the ladder. 22:44 Activated transporter globe. 22:46 Used linking book to go back to original world. 22:47 Up with the elevator. Activated link book. 22:49 Activated globe. Brings us to a moon of a planet with a ring. 22:52 Speech of Esher again. Looked around. 22:58 Found pannel at the back of the room. 23:00 I played with it and something started to turn. I have activated the machine. Everything is turning now. 23:03 Played with one of the stations. No idea what I am doing. I also moved the other stations. No clue what I am doing. One station is "broken". About 23:30 Stopped. Cummulative playing time 2:50

Session 2: Afternoon of August 27, 2006

14:09 Started 14:10 Continued. Went back into the building. Studied the "numbers" on the back of the hall. I noticed that the pointer is moving down (and probably also going up again). 14:17 It does go up on the other side. So, apparently, it is some kind of clock. 14:18 The wheels are also turning very slowly. 14:21 It looks like the thing the pointer is moving over, can rotate as well. Let's see what happens. 14:24 No it does not rotate, at least not that I can see. But the circle jumped. So, it did rotate, but I did not see it. Are these the coordinates one has to enter. 1: 15-0, 2: 13-2. But which station is which? Based on which quarter is not covered. Let's try it. 14:31 It is at the top atain, but it looks like it has not rotated again. What is this? 14:37 I went outside and discovered that you can go further. 14:40 On the top. Found a telescope with controls. Facinating. I found some kind of code written on the wasl of the building on the other side. The code consists of a circle where the top-right quarter is missing and the D'ni numbers 13 and 24. So, now I know what I should be looking for. (5 minutes interruption by Andy) Search for another one. 14:50 Looked around further. 14:53 Went into the building. There is a map her. It looks like a map of the surrounding. 14:54 Took a picture of it. 14:57 I closed the door. 14:58 Behind the door there is a button that lowers a stair. 15:00 Arrived at a platform with some handles. 15:03 Tried the handles. It seems to rotate something "upstairs". Let's go back and have a look. I discover another button at the top of the metal stairs when I went back. Pressed it several times, but nothing seems to happen. 15:11 Back at the telescope. 15:18 I discover another telescope on the other tower. (5 minute break) 15:32 Back at the handles. You van go on press it down. How many times? 15:34 Did it about ten times. Went up again. 15:38 There seems to be a similar mechanism at the other building. 15:41 It is some kind of cable. It looks like there is somehting in the middle. Probably it has to be activated. 15:44 I moved the handles some more. 15:46 Went back to the telescope to verify it had moved. It did, but still a long way to go. 15:51 It's here, the door opened. 15:52 Went in. Used handle. Did not work. Set switch to the other side. 15:53 Went in again. It still does not work. Strange. Went "up" the basket. 15:54 Stopped.

Cummulative playing time 3:35

Session 3: Evening of August 27, 2006

18:45 Looked if I could make it move. 18:50 Don't know how. Let's go back. 18:52 One pair of cables is broken. 18:56 Set the dails for the first right station. Does not seem to do much. I am not getting the idea that it works. 19:02 There is a blinking star here. Let's try to put it in the middle of the screen. Nothing. 19:08 I am eating and watching the "clock". 19:10 Saw it turn. 19:24 Saw it turn again. It looks like it makes a full turn in about one hour. The circle moved down two places again. Go to the top for the last time. 19:36 Looking through telescope. And looked around everywhere again. 19:46 Left the age. 19:47 Used linking book. Took elevator up. 19:49 Back at the top. Found another paper from Yeesha. 19:54 Activated first link book I encountered. Opened the gates and activated the globe. Listened to speech of Esher. 20:00 This is the prison age. Stopped.

20:25 Looked around prison age. Cannot go anywhere. Went back and returned. Tried tablet. Went back to central place. 20:47 Went into first world. 20:48 Studied the symbols on the rock and made a drawing of it. 20:52 Recorded the 15 symbols on the central building. 20:56 Looked at the first pillar and recorded the eight symbols on it. 20:59 Looked at the second pillar and recorded the eight symbols on it. 21:01 Looked at the third pillar and recorded the eight symbols on it. 21:04 There are four pillars. Recorded eight symbols on the fourth pillar. 21:11 There is only one symbol that appears on all the pillars. The symbol of the "pipe". 21:12 Let's all put on it. 21:13 Did it, but I did not hear a special sound. Let's look through the window. 21:15 Nothing special to be seen. Let's go down the ladder to the tunnel. 21:16 It is still closed. 21:21 Not alle the symbols on the tower appear on the stone on the shore. Should we open/close windows, based on this. 21:26 Opened all the windows that did not appear on the stone. 21:31 Discovered a place where you can walk through the water to another island. There is a stone with a drawing on it. 21:34 It has a tree. On the left side there is a drawing of a "sun". And also some symbols. There are eleven dots at the top. 21:43 Back on the top again. 21:46 I changed the open/close state of all the windows. Also on the wall on the inside there are symbols. Other symbols. That is interesting. 21:48 Tunnel is still closed. 21:55 It looks like the symbols on the inside are numbers of some kind. 22:00 Let's try to open all the ones that appear on the stone. 22:09 Did everything. 22:10 Still closed. Okay, last try. The opposite. 22:13 No also not good. 22:15 I quit. I glanced at the hints. It seems that the stone with the drawing is a door.

Cummulative playing time 6:40

Session 4: Evening of August 28, 2006

19:39 Started. I am standing before the symbols on the rock near the shore. It looks like something can move. 19:44 There are four holes in the roof. 19:59 I brought the tablet here. But it does not do anything. 21:09 I tried (for more than a hour) to find if the symbols on the rock could indicate in which position the rotation wheels should placed. I have no clue. I reread some of Esher's words. Maybe I should just try to write some words. 21:31 I went back. 21:34 Jumped to the top through linking book. Looked everywhere upstairs. 21:43 Took elevator down. 21:45 Jumped on first floor down. 21:46 And back. Took second elevator down. 21:49 I Quit. I will check the hints. 22:06 I read something about lowering the floor. Started game again. 22:10 I looked around but could not see anything. 22:14 Brought the floor up again. 22:21 Lowered it again. And up again. Maybe you have to jump off it when it goes down. 22:28 Lowered it. Then made it go up an by accident jumped off. 22:29 You can go down, their is a little stair. 22:31 Some note here. 22:35 I pushed the handle to switch on some fan. Some little stair in the hall becomes visible. 22:36 Went up. 22:37 Another note near the door. 22:46 Used the handle to open the door. 22:41 Went to the room on the other side. Another note. 22:43 The other door is open. It leads to a small room. The last note of Yeesha. 22:46 Listened to the projection. 22:47 Activated the link book. 22:48 Activated the Globe. 22:49 Walked towards the water and then left. It's a dead-end. To the right. 22:51 Found a crane and the bones of sea animals. 22:54 Back at the start. Some speech by Eshe. He says that the door on this side is locked, but that the door on the otherside can be unlocked. It is the door I already saw. Let's go there again. 23:00 Found some machine below a windmill. I tried the handles. Nothing happened. 23:04 Stopped.

23:48 Continued. Tried the lock, but all trivial combinations do not work. 23:55 There was a solar eclips. 0:02 Looked through the windows. Most left window shows a paper slip with diamond, hexagon, triangle, square and circle symbol. That must be it. 0:11 Not really. While I was reading Yeesha's notes there was another solar eclipse and for a second I thought I saw some symbols on the knobs. Now have to wait another cycle. How horrible. I tried many combinations. 0:22 Saw the moon coming again. It looks like it returns every 15 minutes. 0:27 No, I am mistaken. 0:32 Found some symbol on the wall. Is that what you have to draw? 0:35 I did it, but nothing happens. 0:54 activated globe. Opened the gates. 0:56 Quit. Read the hints. You have to make wind for the windmill. Okay. This is probably one of the latest ages I should solve.

Cummulative playing time 11:11

Session 5: Evening of August 31, 2006

22:10 Started. 22:11 Jumped to ice cave age. Looking Yeesha's notes. There are "commands" in the third, seventh and tenth note. Let's try to draw command from tenth note. 22:18 I leave the stone there and wait. 22:19 I find some symbol drawn on the ground. 22:20 Should I wait here or draw this symbol on the tablet. 22:28 I drop the stone on the marking on the floor and some creature appeared. So that is what you have to do. Let's try it. 22:30 The second tome I came with the stone, I fell through the crack. I have to leave the stone here before I can climb the ladder. 22:32 There is some standard and a symbol written on the wall. 22:33 Took a picture of it. 22:34 Found another pole with a drawing. 22:36 Esher appears. 22:38 Some drawing on the wall with blue and brown markings. 22:42 I meet Esher again. 22:43 Something about heat. 22:45 Let's switch the switches. I pressed the button on one pole and returned back. Let's go again. 22:49 Something else drawn on the stone. Let's draw it. 22:51 Nothing happens. 22:53 Maybe you have to make the drawing when you are on the other side. Let's try. 22:55 Nothing happens. 22:56 That is funny. I left the stone on the ground with the drawing, and now I find it outside. So that is how you bring it to another place. 22:58 Let's draw the symbol on the wall. 22:59 Nothing happens. Let's bring the stone to the third pole. 23:03 I see that it remembers some succesfull "commands" on the right side. 23:04 I can just carry it there. Okay. Let's draw the command on the wall. No lets first try the symbol from Yeesha's notes. 23:08 Nothing happens. 23:09 Left it on the ground. Nothing. Drew the symbol from the wall. 23:12 A creature appeared and took it with him. 23:13 Went back to the cave. 23:14 Apparently, if you placed the stone on a pole, you can then jump to it. You have to leave the stone at the floor. The command was not good. I think. 23:15 Maybe should do something with the switches. Stopped.

Cummulative playing time 12:16

Session 6: Evening of September 2, 2006

21:15 Continues. Studied map again. 21:30 I discover you van go to the place where all the pipes come together. 21:31 There is some switching system here. Interesting. 21:33 There are some dials where the pipes come together. But there is nothing to move or to push. 21:34 On one of them there are some brown markings. They are blue on the other. But the ice covers the buttons as shown on the map. Maybe I must use the stone to write something on. But what? 21:37 Jumped to cave, got stone. 21:38 Jumped back. 21:40 I dreq the symbol from Yeesha's notes. Some creature appeared and shaked his head. Let's draw the "sun" symbol. 21:42 There was a flash of light and some steam becomes visible on the other side. 21:43 Another flash. 21:45 I opened all the pipes. Some steam seems to come out of them. 21:47 I crossed the bridge and it seems the ice has melted. (Not sure if there was ice). 21:48 The steam has stopped. Maybe it only worked till the second flash. Let's repeat the procedure (now with all pipes open). 21:51 Funny, I found another place where I can go. This is interesting. 21:52 It happens again. 21:54 I discovererd that you can change the dails as long as there is steam on. 21:59 Got the stone after some more inverstigations. And activated it near one pole. I experimented some, but did not understand it. Maybe I have to keep the steam from escaping. Let's close all and see what happens. 22:06 Jumped to cave and got the stone. 22:07 If they are closed, the switches cannot be operated. Okay. So that is clear. I guess that the switches are somehow related to those under the frozen lake. Maybe all the steam has to go to the central place through the middle pipe. So lets open them again. 22:20 Stopped.

Cummulative playing time 12:21

Session 7: Evening of October 16, 2006

Partly together with Annabel.

19:56 Continued in first age. 20:02 Opened all the pipes. 20:05 Lost the tablet. 20:12 Maybe you have to bring the steam to the lake. 20:18 We go away and went to the space age. 20:44 We tried to draw the symbol from Yeesha's notebook near the tram, but it did not work. I am quite desparate. Let's look at the hints. 20:50 According to the hints the pipes bring heat to the lakes when you open them. Then the levers pop up. Yes, we managed to do this. It looks like you just have to move the levers and watch the lake 20:58 Back in snow age. 21:04 I see some bubbles in the lake. 21:06 Make heat again. I changed the most left lever (of the blue ones) to the left, and the middle to the left (and then the heat stopped again) 21:12 The blue ones appear to be correct now. I also came far with the red ones. It seems you have to produce as much heat as possible. Now produce heath for the fourth time. 21:16 Maybe you have to make a path. 21:19 Yes, that is how it works. 21:20 I dropped the tablet and lost it. 21:25 I crossed the lake, and listened to the talk by Esher. Afterwards I walked to the glow bulb, and it moved away, unreachable from me. What is this. 21:50 Stopped. According to the hints you need them to get to the "Keep". The other bubble.

Cummulative playing time 14:15

Session 8: Evening of October 17, 2006

Partly together with Annabel.

21:47 Started. Got the tablet and jumped into the snow age. Looked in the book. We tried one of the symbols several times, but it did not work. 21:56 Annabel suggest to make the drawing visible on the stone in the keep. 22:01 When we tried it, it first did not work, but when we tried is near the keep it was brought to the keep. Jumped back and from there we could jump to the keep. Esher appears and speaks a message. We looked around, touched the stone. It became solid, and released the first hold on the "stone". Jumped up and from there to the start. 22:06 Jumped to space world. Tried some more writing near the tram, but it did not work. Looked through the telescope. Decided to look at the hints. 22:21 The hints are not always clear. Sometimes I don't understand if they refer to something that I already found or not. It seems you can see something through the telescope if you play with the gears at the tram station. 22:30 I just looked through the telescope to the "third island" and found a jumping stone and a telescope there. The symbol on the jumping stone is clearly visible. 22:38 The second time it worked. 22:39 We jumped there. Looked through telescope. 22:40 Annabel found another one. 22:42 I found some more coordinates on the first island. Let's jump again. I made the drawing there. 22:48 We go down to the telescope and look through it. 23:05 Adjusted the machine according to the coordinates. Jumped back. 23:07 It looks like it did not really turn. 23:10 Went back, turned some and jumped back. 23:12 Quit for a break.

23:38 Looked at the hints, and read something about going down. Started again. 23:47 Quit again. Studied hints. Read "Or at least you could if the tram where all the way at the station". 23:49 Started again. 23:53 At the station, bring it all the way to the otherside again (and reading some magazine in the mean time). 23:58 Went upstairs to check. 23:59 It is almost there. October 18, 0:01 It stopped turning. It must be there. 0:03 Jumped to third. Went inside. 0:05 Turned the wheels on the control panel. It started to run. Let's go upstairs. There is a symbol on the wall. I opened the door. Went downstairs again. 0:08 Used the tram and found the last set of coordinates. Went back. 0:10 Drew the symbol from the wall, and dropped tablet. It caused the heavens to turn. But without use. For how long I wonder. 0:13 Jumped bac. Went to control room. I lost some notes. 0:20 Have to check for the first I found on third island. 0:29 All coordinates set. Made the heavens move again. I watched the consoles. 0:32 One of the consoles shows a new symbol. I drew it. 0:35 Jumped to it. Esher appeared again. 0:37 Went inside and touched the tablet. 0:49 Went to the sea age. Tried to draw the symbol several times. It started to rain and the pots filled with water. Four symbols become visible. 1:03 Turned all the stones in the correct direction. (I needed some time to find the decoding between the two kinds of symbols.) Went downstairs, walked through the tunnel and discovered that you could also have solved this the hard way by trial and error. Esher appeared with some message. 1:08 Many drawings here. Climbed higher. Some kind of cage here. 1:20 I found a linking station downstairs in the tower. That means I have to close it. When I drew the symbol. The stone simply disappeared. What happened? For some reason they don't understand it. 1:36 Quit Cummulative playing time 17:53

Session 9: Morning of January 2, 2006

Partly together with Annabel.

10:11 I read some of the hints and understand how it works how to get inside the building at the island with the doors closed. 10:14 I am afraid I lost my notes. So, I am having a problem. 10:19 Made it rain again. And spend some time figuring out everything again. 10:39 Opened the doors (I hope). Indeed it worked 10:41 Left the stone and jumped back. Closed the door and went back to sphere. 10:44 Jumped back in. 10:47 We are on the top of the island. We find a jumping station and some kind of device. The drawing on the floor lights up. Interesting. 10:53 Back in the sphere. Dreq symbol from the top. And jumped there. 10:56 We noticed that if you stand on the drawing, the stone door on the island opens and shows a jumping station. That is where we have to go, but as soon as you step away, it cloes again. 11:01 Annabel wants to look at the drawing. Maybe draw snake. 11:06 Jumped to sphere, walked to small island. 11:07 The door did not go down. We turned the door to open, walked to sphere and jumped to top. The ladder is now up again. No idea what to do next. 11:14 Jumped to sphere. I dreq the symbol for the top. 11:17 Stopped. to read the hints. According to the hints you have to drop the slate on the tree-drawing and a Bahro will help. I read a little further and read that you have to stop the Bahro from picking it up. Yes, draw a snake symbol on it. Let's try. (took a short break, to feed Andy)

11:29 Continued. 11:33 We are there again. 11:36 Drew snake and left slate on tree-drawing. Walked back to jump station but no Bahro appeared. Okay lets just walk to door and see what happens. 11:37 Jumped. 11:39 It did not work. When I walked back, it suddenly opened. But when I walked back, it closed again. 11:40 Did step backwards and waited to see what happens. Nothing. 11:42 Maybe I have to do the trick again. 11:43 Slate is at sphere again. So it was brought back. I experimented a little on the beach. If you put two snakes on it. It will not be erased, the first time. 11:50 Drwe two snakes and dropped slate on tree-drawing. 11:52 Waiting for door. Nothing happens. 11:54 Slate is back at sphere. Let's try it a third time. Drew four snakes. 11:57 At stone door again. But nothing happens. 11:59 Back again. The slate was not in the sphere. Strange. Back to the stone door waiting for some thing to happen. 12:02 Back to sphere. 12:03 Jumped to top. Slate is here. Still with four snakes drawn on it. 12:09 Fourth time with two snakes. 12:10 When Annabel turned around to go back, there was a sound, and I told here to turn around, and she could just jump inside. She jumped back to sphere and drew symbol to bring stone and jumped there. Ehser appeared again, and told some story. 12:20 Went to last island. I let the wind blow and moved some of the handles (at random.) 12:25 Now there is a jumping station in the middle. Let's go there. 12:32 Took four or five tries before it was recognized. 12:33 Jumped there. Looked around, but could not go anywhere only in the back "cage". I jumped back to get the slate and went back to the mill and let the wind blow. The small left handle is for lowering the platform, the right one for turning. I also pushed the buttons. (You first have to pull the large handle.) 12:44 I am in the right "cage", but the door is closed. SO that also does not help. 12:47 Quit.

Cummulative playing time 20:17

Session 9: Morning of January 2, 2006

Partly together with Annabel.

13:46 Continued (because Annabel wanted it). 13:55 Annabel want to try see what happens if the jump station is in the up position. 13:58 She dropped the slate with the wind drawing, but nothing happened. It simply dissappeared. 14:24 Quit to read hints. In the hints we read that the left button opens the left set of gates. 14:28 Continue. And we are succesful. (Annabel left to play with friend.) 14:33 Jumped there with slate. Then continued and put the buttons back at the "arena" in the correct position and lowered platform which has a jumping station. Really very simple puzzle. 14:41 Put slate on it, and took it away. 14:42 Pushed button again. Platform does not go up. I changed some of the codes and the platform went up again. 14:47 Jumped back to sphere, and from there to "arena". But the platform went down immediately. When I jumped off, it went up again. Let's set the correct code and try again. 14:50 Went back. Found a quicker route out. I decided to leave the slate here. 14:53 Jumped there again. It still went down. Tried several times. Finally, I step off, and noticed that the display shows a different code. 14:59 Jumped there again. It still goes down. 15:12 I reversed the code completely. Let's see. 15:14 It did not work. 15:19 Quit. From the hints I understand that it is some kind of scale. 15:26 Continued. I discovered the setting for which it is exactly in balance. 2x4+0x3+0x2+1x1 = 8+1 = 0. One more and it goes up. One less and it goes down. I bring the slate back. My own weight is 2x3+1 = 7. So the total number must be 16. I selected 2x4+2x3+0x2+2x1 = 16. 15:44 Left. 15:45 Jumped with slate. It was okay. Turned left. 15:47 Found red button. Pushed it. It opened some gate. 15:48 Turned right. Esher appeared and speaks some message, which I do not comprehend because of all the music. Let's read. 15:51 Pushed the other button to open the other gate. (How do I get downstairs?) There is another door here. It is locked with the code from the piece of paper on the table. 15:53 Went down into the water. Let's look through the gates that opened. They both lead to the same tunnel. 15:55 I moved something up and the something else moved up once I stepped away. It is activated if I walk till the end. Let's go back to read the code. 16:02 The code is "rhombus, hexagon, upside-down triangle, square, circle", or upside down: "circle, square, triangle, hexagon, rhombus". 16:04 I am inside the room. 16:06 Found another piece of paper with purple, green, orange and red dots. (Some break for feeding Andy.) 16:20 Went downstairs. 16:23 Drew snake. Went up, but down again. 16:25 Drew wind symbol. 16:32 Quit. Read the hints. This puzzle is really too hard. Make a Bahro sing.

Cummulative playing time 23:03

Session 10: Evening of July 29, 2006

20:46 Started 20:53 Got upstairs 20:54 Found some lever to bring me downstairs again. 20:59 Four trees of pythagoras 21:03 I guess I have to push the buttons in one of the 32 possible paths from the start till the end, to get any further. Let's look for some colour code somewhere. I have to consult my notes. 21:07 Closed. There is nothing in my notes. 21:09 Started again. Went downstairs. 21:17 Found a note with the colours: blue-green-red-red. Although the red looks quite orange. This might be the code. 21:22 Back down-stairs, but without stone. Oops. 21:26 Tried red-red-"yellow"-blue. Did not work. Tried blue-green-red-red. Nothing happened. 21:30 Red-red-green-blue was succesful. Found another stnad with Pythagoras tree. Investigated. First to the right. 21:35 Esher appears again. But I cannot hear him. The message does not contain any clues. 21:43 I moved the handles to lift some stones. 21:45 Maybe I should first bring the stone here. I lifted 1 big, 1 middle and 2 light stones. 21:49 Got the stone. 21:51 I am up in the tower but there is not much to see. It looks like from here you can see the last stand. But how to get there? 22:02 There is some drawing on the flag. 22:06 I drew the symbol from the flag and the stone dissappeared. Now I am back at the start and there it is. 22:07 I am there at the island. Esher delivers a speech again. He says I must nog give it to Yeesha. 22:13 I saved the game 22:17 At the Myst book. Activated it. 22:23 Looked around Myst. Everything is dead. Finally decided to place the stone. 22:31 Went back to last save game. Gave it to Yeesha. 22:40 I read the hints and discovered that there is yet another option. Let look. 22:48 Start again. About 23:00 Finished the game. Discovered that advanced navigation method and looked around some of the ages a saved game of Annabel. About 23:30 Quit.

Cummulatetive playing time 25:45

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