Logbook Uru: The Path of the Shell

On this page, I keep a logbook of my explorations of Uru: The Path of the Shell. It is an almost verbatim copy of the notes that I made, so don't expect it to be grammatically correct or understandable. It is not a walk through, but I guess it can be understood by someone that played the game. Before I started this log, I already had walked around the game a little, when trying to install it, and tried to discover why it kept on crashing on one of my computers. Remarks that I added latter are in italics. For hints I looked at the UHS Uru hints page.

See also my Uru: Ages Beyond Myst logbook, my Uru: To D'ni logbook, my Myst V: End of Ages logbook, and my Uru Online logbook.

Session 1: Evening of September 6, 2007

21:18 Started after reinstall. 21:23 At the start. Let's see how quick I can do it. 21:27 Quit, because mouse responds very slow. Wrong graphics settings I guess. 21:50 Continued. Annabel reminded me about the cloth near the start. 21:56 Short break. 21:59 Continued. 22:21 Open door in the tree. 22:22 Took linking book to Relto and activated it. I wonder what new things there will be. 22:30 Jumped to book on the right, which appears to be Path of the Shell. There is some map being displayed. 22:33 Found a linking book on the left, and jumped there. 22:36 Found some "plants" and a map. 22:39 Walked the other way. There is some kind of rails in a wider room. I turn right. 22:40 Found some kind of station. 22:42 Went up the ladder. Pushed a button. Nothing happened. 22:43 Also tried handle on the train. Nothing works. I guess there is no power. 22:45 Downstairs, continued search. 22:49 Found the station on the other side of the tracks. There are stairs going up. 22:57 Jumped back to Relto after I fell in some pit. From there went back into Path of the Shell. 22:59 Jumped with second book I found. A very small age. Many recognizable symbols. A note saying 2:18. 23:02 Used the linking book. 23:04 Jumped in the water and did some swimming. I think it was rather stupid to do this. 23:07 Back to Relto. 23:08 Jumped there again. 23:09 Found some other island. 23:13 I jumped in the water, just to discover that the current is too strong. 23:15 Back to Relto. 23:18 Jumped in again. 23:23 Failed again. Now I was pulled in the other direction. Back to Relto. In again. 23:26 I came very close this time. Back to Relto and back in. 23:28 Found some sign on the wall and pressed it. It light up. Thats all. 23:30 Missed the islang again. The sign is a linking symbol. Great. 23:32 Again missed the island. 23:33 Jumped into the start of the Path of the Shell. 23:34 Found a shirt. 23:36 Went up the stairs. Found a button. 23:37 Inside some room. A note stauing 1:4. 23:38 Some kind of clock here. 23:39 Found some note saying 1:89. 23:43 Read the notes. 23:53 Went upstaris, and found something turning up against the wall. 23:56 I pushed the ball up. It stayed there. Funny. 0:02 Went down stair and jumped to water world. 0:05 I jumped in the water again from the first rock. Maybe you have to jump from the second rock. Jumped back here through Relto. 0:08 It worked! 0:09 Found a drawing again. 0:12 Found a note saying 3:72. And I fell off the island. Seems this is everything. Quit.

Session 2: Afternoon of September 8, 2007

16:57 Started 17:00 Jumped to Path of the Shell. 17:01 Jumped tp train world. Searched between plants. 17:07 Walked to station. 17:10 Looked below the train and climbed ladder. 17:13 Train stared moving. I pushed central handle up, pushed button and pulled left lever. 17:14 Arrived. Went on small train and pulled handle. 17:16 There is a button here. Let's look around. 17:17 Found an exit on the other side leading to a platform. 17:19 There used to be a bridge her, but it is broken. I rather not jump into the water. Decided to go back, see if there if another way out. 17:21 Found a symbol. That is nice. 17:22 Took the small train back. 17:25 Looked a little at the big train and went up again. 17:26 I pushed the button, but nothing happened. 17:28 It is impossible to go any further. 17:30 Went down with little train. 17:34 Moved the big train back. 17:36 Drove forward again with the train. The left handle does not seem to work. 17:39 I tried the left one again. Let's go downstairs. 17:47 Ran back to where the train was. Nothing special to see there. 17:52 Back on the train. Let's see what happens if I jump to upstairs while the train is still downstairs. Jumped to Relto. 17:53 Jumped back with symbol. 17:55 Found a stair going down. But lets first test button. 17:56 Yes, it brings the small train up. 17:59 Found some gate under the train which is closed. 18:02 There seems to be no other exit. Let's bring the train back and "jump" to upstairs again. 18:05 Jumped back. 18:08 Now it was open. I went downstairs. 18:11 The other side looks the same. I am up out in the air. 18:12 Crossed the bridge inside the "main" building. Let's look around. 18:13 Climbed stair on the right. 18:14 The grating of the most right water outlet is broken. Let's to in. 18:15 It is blocked at the end. 18:16 Back in "main" room. 18:17 I found a switch and switched it on. The wheels started turning. Let's go outside. 18:18 The big windmill is turning. 18:24 I looked around a little and also went into the water tube. Then back up the stairs into what looks like a control room. 18:29 Looked around. No buttons here, it seems. 18:30 Outside, looked around. 18:31 Quit.

Session 3: Evening of September 8, 2007

22:13 Started 22:15 Jumped to symbol in "train" world. 22:20 Found a switch near the ladder going down and switched it on. There is some sound. Interesting. Let's go further. 22:23 Also switched on the other switch near the ladder. 22:26 Found another symbol in the "main" room. 22:27 Everything still looks the same in the control room. 22:30 Found some stair going down the rotating things. Maybe you can only go in when its not turning. Let's try. 22:33 I switched the windmill off, but they are still turning. 22:40 Switched on the windmill again. 22:44 I called the small train. 22:47 Moved train backwards. 22:50 Trued something with left handle, but it did not work. Moved train forward again. 22:51 Jumped to Relto. 22:52 Jumped in with symbol. 23:04 After walking around everywhere, I managed to sit down on the chair in the control room. 23:06 It is indeed the control pannel. 23:08 I stopped one of the wheels, the one connected to the broeken outlet. Let see if we can get in. 23:10 Yes it is open, but I cannot get in. 23:13 Switched red circle off, in control room. 23:15 That did the job. 23:16 Found a note saying 4:10. 23:18 Looks like you cannot get further. But there is another symbol there. 23:19 Looks like there is some path overhead. 23:20 Found some switch. Let's activate it. 23:22 Found some complicated device. All four pillars have the same kind of device. Only two are switched on. 23:26 Found button to turn platform up. But it goed down immediately again. 23:41 I noticed that when I turn the switch, the two platforms with the light on turn around, thus preventing the platform from going up. 23:45 I switched them of in control room. 23:48 I am upstairs. The platform stays up. 23:50 Founa back-pack. 23:51 I went down on the other side. There are several things here. A linking cloth. A linking book to some other place around here it seems. A button, which does not work. I press the symbol. 23:56 Jumped with book. There is a book for jumping back. Great. 23:58 Went up the ladder. Some sign saying 3:110. 0:00 Not much too see here. 0:02 Jumped back. 0:03 Tried linking cloth. Mysterious room. Sing with 5:18 on the wall. 0:09 Back in Relo. Jumped to water world. 0:11 Jumped back to Relto. 0:14 Saw the sign 3:72. 0:16 Annabel pointed me at a door on the little island. 0:20 Jumped of the little island and swam towards even smaller island, but missed it. 0:21 Returned through Relto. 0:27 Failed again. Back to Relto. Jumped into Path of the Shell. 0:41 Discovered the switch in the spiral room. I quit.

Session 4: Afternoon of September 9, 2007

16:18 Took the blue book in Relto. 16:25 Jumped to the start of the "train" world. 16:28 Ran to train, climbed on train. Took the little train up. Activated handle, and walked backwards to let the small train go down again. (Got that from the hints). 16:34 Walked to control room. 16:37 I tried to open all the gates to the ladders, but with the bottom left one, I cannot empty the water. Let's go outside and look inside the onse that are empty now. 16:41 Did not find anything in top righ one. 16:43 Found a piece of paper with five starts. 16:46 Tried to let the water go away again. But it did not work. 16:49 I could not go in the one filled with water. 16:50 (Break)

16:56 (Continued) At the second room, you cannot go further. I do not know, what I should do next. Lets go back to the control room and activate all the wheels. 16:58 I switched off the power and the platform came down. Lets go further. 17:05 Looked around a little, but could not find anything. Back to control room. 17:13 I switched on all yellow buttons. Let's go back to other room. 17:24 I have no idea what I should do here. (Break)

17:35 (Continued) 17:37 Found some note saying 4:52 outside near the most "left" water outlet. 17:42 Activated cloth in "windmill" room. Jumped to Relto. 17:44 Jumped to water world. 17:48 Found linking book to small age. Let's go there. 17:53 Jumped back. 17:56 I jumped in the water and found a way to get out of it again. 18:15 After a lot of swimming, jumped back to Relto. (Break).

18:38 (Continued) Jumped to Path of the Shell. 18:41 The drawing that is displayed rotates with your position such that it always looks the same to you. 18:47 Went up stair. 18:52 Quit.

Session 5: Evening of September 10, 2007

20:35 Started. 20:39 Jumped to small world. 20:43 Jumped to water world. 20:55 Jumped to Relto. 20:56 Jumped to Path of the Shell. 20:57 Jumped to Relto. 20:58 Jumped to "train" world. 20:59 Switched yellow buttons off. 21:07 Activated last cloth. 21:15 Switched yellow buttons on again. Back to room with pillars. 21:22 I made all levers up and one of the buttons became yellow. I can not move the levers anymore. 21:23 Okay let's activate all. Looks like they are all on now. 21:24 One is not on. Maybe it is too high. Let's switch of the electricity and see if we can fix it. 21:25 Yes, the flames go off. 21:27 Now only one is on. Very strange. 21:30 I set all of them at 50, and only one lit up. Now all of them are on. 21:32 Jumped to Relto. 21:33 Jumped back with cloth. (Break)

21:50 (Continued) In the last room. The light on the button is on. 21:51 The machine opened. 21:52 I pulled the lever. It is down again. And the light on the button is off. What is this? 21:55 The flames are off too. 21:59 Jumped with book. 22:00 Jumped back to Relto. Quit.

Session 6: Evening of September 11, 2007

19:45 Started 19:47 Jumped to "train" world. 19:58 Switched burners on and jumped to Relto. 20:00 (Break)

21:00 Jumped with cloth. 21:05 Activated machine. Got the thing out and dumped all of them. Then jumped with stone. Nothing to see there. I guess it was wrong. Jumped to Relto. 21:07 Jumped with cloth. 21:11 Back to Relto. 21:12 Jumped to start of the "train" world. 21:20 Switched flames on. Maybe they are too low. 21:25 I tried all on 70 and it worked. Lets try 100. 21:28 It worked. Some other wheel on the right also turned. 21:29 Jumped to Relto. 21:30 Jumped with cloth. 21:31 Strange, but the button is not activated. Maybe it is too hot. Nice. 21:35 Jumped to Relto. 21:36 Jumped to start. 21:43 In control room. I switched all the wheels on. Jumped to Relto. 21:45 Jumped with cloth. The light is on. So my reasoning is correct. But what should I do? 21:50 Pushed the blue buttons. 21:52 Pushed the button. 21:53 Then pushed on the thing, and it is gone again. Let's try another one. 21:54 I jumped to the small room. Jumped back. 21:55 Still three left. 21:56 It fell after some time. I guess, I immediately have to press the book. 21:57 I did, but it is still empty. Jumped back. 21:59 Still two left. 22:00 Okay I succeeded. Now I know how to do it. It gave some reaction, some yellow smoke, but that is all. I guess, I need to do this five times. 22:02 Let's do one more. 22:03 Try last. 22:04 Button does not work. Tried handle. No response. 22:05 Maybe this was it. Jumped to small room again. 22:07 Nothing there. Jumped back to last room. 22:08 Blue button seems to work. 22:09 But after I pushed it, nothing happened. Lets jump with stone. 22:11 Jumped to Relto. Jumped to Path of the Shell. On the balcony there is a note saying 1:38. 22:17 Roled ball up and left it there. 22:18 Jumped to water world. 22:24 I looked around the towere. Jumped to Relto. 22:27 There is some new island here with a spiral form. Is that the reward? 22:28 Quit.

Under the assumption that I had finished the "train" world/age, I decided to have a look at the hints. And I discovered that settings for the burners are on the Bahro cave. I also inferred from the hints that I saw, that I have to bring one of the things there. I do not know if that is true. I also read in the notes that it takes 15 minutes for the burnes to make the things. So, it seems I have been drawing some incorrect conclusions.

Session 7: Evening of September 12, 2007

21:00 Started. 21:02 Jumped with cloth. 21:03 Jumped to Bahro. Found the numbers: 20, 30, and 40. 21:12 Jumped to Relto. 21:13 Jumped to start of "train" world. 21:19 In control room. Switched off the top left wheel. 21:23 Set the settings on the first burner. 21:26 Switched it on. It seems I have to wait 15 minutes now. 21:28 Back in control room. Switched wheel on again. 21:29 Jumped to Relto. 21:30 Jumped with cloth. 21:34 I had not closed the machine. I closed it. (Went away to do some other things.) 21:45 The light is on now. 21:46 Jumped with first thing to small world. 21:47 It gave a bright light on the water when it dropped. I guess the settings are correct. 21:48 I jumped back. 21:50 I jumped to Bahro with scond. But when I arrived there, it was gone. Something went wrong it seems. 21:51 Jumped to Relto. 21:52 Jumped back. 21:53 Let's try again. 21:54 This time it worked. I dropped it in the hole. Let's try again. 21:55 Back to Relto. 21:56 In again. 21:58 Again same effect. 22:01 Also threw in the last. Back to Relto. 22:03 Jumped to Path of the Shell. 22:05 Jumped to small world. 22:08 I decided to look at the hints. 22:17 It seems you can only finish the "train" age if you have finished the other. 22:24 Looked at the "blue" lights on thing in the middle of the water (as was suggested in the hints). I do not recognize it. 22:29 I studied it from the point near the jumping book, but I do not recognize anything. 22:30 Jumped. 22:34 Jumped to Relto. 22:35 To Path of the Shell. 22:36 Quit.

Later, I read in the hints that the blue lights are controlled by living things. The device acts as a radar for living things. Then I remembered that Annabel had asked me what you could do with the crabs on the island. I had already noted before that they would walk away, if you walk near them.

Session 8: Evening of September 13, 2007

18:32 Started. 18:34 Jumped to small world. 18:41 There are 18 bolts on each window. Last windowon the left has lines at 2, 4, 9, 10, 15 and 17. 18:43 Jumped to water world. 18:45 I pushed one crab off the island. Does that spell disaster. 18:49 It looks like you cannot move them to a different location, only kick them off the island. I guess they come back after some time. 18:54 It seems that there are 26 positions. One large one at the bottom, there where the water falls in. 18:55 Jumped in the water. Looks like there is no light there. I guess that the symbols on the wall of the small world refer to numbers. D'ni number system is 5 based. 18:58 Jumped to Relto. (Break)

19:45 I found some papers (from my notes) with some information. I do not know where I got it from. I guess I have to play Uru again. Lets note the symbols used. 19:47 Jumped to small world and noted them down. 19:52 Let's see if I can find it. I somehow remember that it was not very difficult to find. 19:53 Jumped to Relto. 19:55 Jumped to purple world. 19:58 Jumped to the room inside D'ni with all the symbols 20:00 (Break)

20:57 (Continued) 21:01 I found that the same symbols are along the wall here. 21:11 I jumped to Relto. 21:12 Jumped to D'ni. 21:13 Got the paper from the wall, as I read in some walkthrough. 21:16 Jumped to jumping station. 21:17 Cannot do anything. Need a KI, I guess. It is starting to look like I really have to play everything. 21:18 Jumped into purple world. 21:26 Pressed first cloth. 21:29 Set the first correctly. (Break)

22:10 (Continued) 22:13 Fixed second. 22:14 Jumped with stone. 22:17 Jumped to Relto. 22:20 Touched second cloth. 22:23 Fixed third. 22:24 Touched third cloth. 22:32 Touched paper with tree. 22:34 Touched cloth besides piramid. 22:40 Touched fifth cloth. 22:44 Quit.

Session 9: Evening of September 22, 2007

Today, I spend some times ordering and studying my notes about my earlier Uru investigations.

23:08 Started. 23:10 In Relto. 23:11 Jumped in "purple" world with cloth. 23:16 Climbed up and touched next cloth. 23:18 Went downstais, but pulled 1,4,2, which is wrong. 23:21 I thought I did 1,4,1,2, but nothing happened. 23:23 Did it again. Nothing happened. Maybe have to go away. 23:26 I went away, outside piramid. 23:27 Back. 23:28 Did it again. But still no success. 23:29 Touched nearby cloth and jumped to Relto. 23:30 Jumped to start of "purple" world. 23:32 Jumped to hint world. 23:33 I think I should do 4,4,1,2. Jumped to Relto. 23:35 Jumped back with cloth. Reseted machine. 23:38 I did 4,4,1,2 but nothing happened. 23:41 Again. No success. Maybe I should count from the left. 23:45 It still does not work. I become mad. 23:48 Quit. I read something in the notes about eight, and suddenly realize that the numbers indicate the number of times the handles should be pulled.

Session 10: Morning of September 23, 2007

9:13 Started. 9:15 Jumped with cloth into "purple" world. 9:19 It came down. 9:22 Standing at the panel. 9:23 Order 1,3,4,5,2,6 did not work. 9:33 The numbers represented the order. So pressed 1,5,2,3,4,6. 9:37 Pressed last cloth. Linking book to hints place. No use. (study notes.) 9:40 Where is the "stone" door in this age? I guess, I forgot. 9:43 Jumped with link book. 9:46 Back to Relto. 9:47 Jumped to "blue" world. 9:51 I got the KI, or not? 9:57 Touched cloth in other room. 9:59 I am on the top floor. 10:00 Inside gap. 10:02 In other room. Touched cloth. Played a little. 10:07 Quit.

Session 11: Afternoon of September 23, 2007

12:45 Started again. 12:48 Jumped with cloth into blue world. 13:04 Managed to switch everything on. I did not have to start over. 13:10 Walked around and went downstrairs. 13:12 Went into elevator 13:16 Looked around upstairs and went downstairs and upstairs again. 13:17 Jumped to island in the middle. 13:18 Touched cloth, and jumped again. 13:20 In one of the meeting rooms. 13:24 Found jumpiong stone. Let's not use it now. 13:26 I stepped in some device and it gave me new clothes with a helmet. I cannot remember having seen this before. 13:30 In other meeting room. 13:33 Touched cloth. Still three to go. 13:37 Went to other meeting room and jumped with stone. 13:40 Jumped to Relto. 13:42 I tried to take off the suit, but it did not work. 13:43 Jumped into yellow world. 13:49 Jumped, but came in the lava. Jumped back again. (Break.)

14:11 (Continued) 14:13 Tried to jump from vent in the middle, but failed. Jumped in again. 14:20 I closed the last one, but when I stepped on it, nothing happened. 14:21 Jumped down. Back in. 14:22 Fell down again. 14:23 Jumped in again. 14:27 I am up at the first cloth. 14:36 Jumped over wall. 14:38 Touched second cloth in other world. 14:39 Touched third. 14:40 Touched stone behind thing. 14:42 Jumped to Relto. 14:43 Jumped back in with cloth. 14:45 Touched fourth cloth. 14:48 Jumped to desert world. 14:54 I put the table in position. Let's get the flies. 14:55 Jumped to other world. 14:59 Jumped to dessert world with flies. stepped over vent, ant they were gone. 15:03 Jumped for second time with some flies. 15:04 I jumped. And lost them. 15:05 Jumped again. 15:08 Jumped third time with the flies. Lost them again. Quit.

Session 12: Evening of September 23, 2007

21:33 Started. 21:36 Jumped into garden world with cloth. 21:39 Jumped to desert world with fiels. 21:40 It is nigth, and I lost the flies again. 21:42 Jumped with cloth into garden world. 21:54 Jumped with flies. 21:55 Lost them again. 21:56 Practised a little and jumped to garden world. 21:58 Jumped to desert world (Break). 22:13 (Continued) Jumped into garden word. 22:16 Jumped to desert world. 22:18 I failed again. 22:25 Put the chair in a new position. Jumped to garden world. 22:29 (Break)

23:00 (Continued) Jumped to desert world. 23:10 I was succesfull. Found the two tables upstairs behind the top waterfall and brought them down. 23:12 Jumped to garden world. 23:15 Jumped to desert world with flies. 23:19 Touched the fifth cloth in the second cave. Have to find two more cloths. Where are they? 23:26 I will look at the hints. 23:31 Read the hints. Jumped to garden world. 23:34 Touched sixth cloth. 23:37 Touched seventh cloth in desert world. 23:38 Fell in lava, back to Relto. Jumped to Garden world. 23:39 Went into stone door. 23:41 Pressed the last symbol. Totem disappeared. 23:42 Jumped down. Finished first age. 23:44 Quit.

Session 13: Evening of September 24, 2007

21:53 Started. 21:55 Jumped to start of purple world. 22:03 Door is open. 22:05 I thought that the stone door was here. But it is not. 22:19 Passed second door. 22:21 Took elevator down. 22:25 At the end. I suddenly remember you have to jump down. 22:26 Let's first press some nearby cloth before jumping. 22:27 I don't need to do this, I guess. 22:28 I missed. 22:29 Jumped with cloth. 22:33 Second attempt. Success, opened door. 22:35 Jumped down, back to Relto. 22:36 Jumped into yellow world. 22:42 Directed "flower" at sun. 22:46 Got the basket. 22:49 In the basket after four attempts. 22:54 Took elevator down. 22:55 Up again. 22:58 Touched paper for Relto. 23:01 Button on top of aquarium does not work. 23:03 Quit.

Session 14: Evening of September 28, 2007

18:02 Started. 18:05 Jumped with cloth into yellow world. 18:06 Opened aquarium. (I read from the hints how), and jumped with book. 18:08 Looked through telescope. 18:10 (Break)

18:25 (Continued) 18:26 Jumped with stone. 18:28 Jumped back to Relto. 18:29 Jumped with cloth again. 18:30 Took elevator down. 18:32 I still cannot open the grating. 18:33 Went up again. I guess I have to do something in the control room. 18:35 I changed some switch. Let's go down. 18:36 The light is on, and I have opened it. 18:41 I am down in the cave. Let's check my notes. 18:51 Opened the gate. 18:54 I am outside near the sea. 18:55 Door is closed 18:56 Touched cloth on edge. 19:01 opened door. 19:02 Jumped with jumping stone under stairs. 19:04 pressed blue cloth. I am in the blue world. 19:05 Found paper for Relto. 19:06 Fell down through hole. 19:12 Went upstairs. 19:15 Went through door and after having looked around climbed the ladder. 19:17 Found sixth cloth. Still one to go. 19:18 I went down. Let's check the hints. 19:22 Quit.

19:25 I guess, I missed one at the start. 19:30 Started again. 19:32 Jumped into blue world. 19:37 Found last cloth. 19:40 I am on small "island" in the middle. 19:42 Jumped to other rock. Jumped down to stone door. 19:43 Went in. 19:44 Jumped down after activating totem. 19:45 Jumped into yellow world, with cloth. found sixth yellow cloth. 19:49 Shot the ladder down. 19:53 Touched last cloth. 19:54 I put on shirt I found. I am looking normal again. Luckily. 19:58 Went through stone door. 19:59 Tried to jump after activating totem. I am down now. 20:00 (Break)

20:14 (Continued) 20:15 Jumped to yellow world. 20:22 I ran to the cave, then went down to lower the bridge. Then closed the second gate. Back to Relto. 20:23 Jumped into yellow world with cloth. 20:26 Jumped with book. Looked through telescope BOBOGOOBO. 20:27 Jumped to other "Relto". 20:35 (Break)

20:42 (Continued) 20:43 Jumped to D'ni. 20:47 Jumped to jumping station. 20:48 Jumped to Ferry Terminal. (Break.)

20:51 (Continued) 20:52 Jumped with linking stone. 20:53 Found paper for Relto. 20:54 Jumped back to Relto. 20:56 Jumped to D'ni. 20:58 Pressed the code. 21:03 Jumped to linking station. 21:04 Jumped to Ferry Terminal. 21:11 Back to jumping station. 21:12 Jumped back to Relto. 21:13 Jumped to other balcony. Nothing to see here. 21:14 Back to Relto. 21:15 Jumped in again 21:22 Quit.

22:38 Read my old notes. Started again. 22:42 Jumped to D'ni. 22:47 I pressed the sequence again, but nothing happened. 22:56 In the hints I read you have to do this in Kirel. 22:57 Jumped to Relto. 22:59 Jumped to spy room. 23:00 Jumped to Keril. 23:02 Pushed the code. The light on the other door is on. (Break)

23:09 (Continued) I went into the wrong door. 23:11 Jumped with the first stone. 23:14 Went into museum. Touched leave for Relto. 23:18 Looked at the door to the hints room, but could not open them. 23:23 Jumped to linking station. 23:24 Still only have Ferry Station. Jumped to Relto. (Break)

23:31 (Continued) 23:33 Jumped to spy-room. Jumped to second Relto. Jumped to Kirel. 23:36 Jumped to great zero room with stone. 23:37 Activated KI. Have to look for five. 23:38 Got first. Jumped to jumping station. 23:39 Still only "Ferry Terminal" active. Jumed there. 23:40 (Break)

23:43 (Continued) 23:52 Collected five. Jumped to Relto. 23:54 To KI-activateion room. 23:55 Activated. Jumped to Jumping station. 23:56 Jumped to Reezero. 0:00 Got one there. Jumped to Nexus. Jumped to Ferry Terminal. 0:03 Quit.

Session 15: Evening of October 5, 2007

21:45 Started. 21:47 Jumped to spy room. 21:48 Jumped to second Relto and jumped again. 21:50 Jumped with first stone on the right. 21:53 Found first. 21:56 Second near museum. 21:58 Third in museum. 22:00 Fourth. 22:09 Found fifth, but fell down. Quit.

Session 16: Evening of October 9, 2007

21:08 Started. 21:10 Jumped to spy room. 21:11 Jumped to second "Relto". Jumped to D'ni. 21:13 Jumped with second stone on the right. 21:26 Found first. 21:29 Second. 21:30 Third. 21:31 Fourth. 21:33 (Break)

21:41 (Continued) 21:42 Fifth. 21:49 Jumped to "Relto" 21:51 Jumped with book. 21:54 Sixth. (Still three to go.) Quit.

Session 17: Evening of October 11, 2007

21:18 Started. 21:21 Jumped to one of the small places in D'ni. 21:23 Nothing here. 21:24 Jumped in, but not the square. 21:30 Found one. Jumped to Nexus. 21:31 Jumped back to Relto. 21:32 Jumped to spy room and to second Relto. 21:33 Jumped again. 21:35 Found another. Stil one to go. 21:36 Found the last in the meeting room. 21:37 Jumped to Nexus. Still only two. 21:38 Jumped to Relto. 21:41 Jumped to zero room. Activated KI. They are all gone. Quit.

Session 18: Evening of October 12, 2007

21:55 Started reading my logbook. Height is on the balcony. "Angle" also on some balcony. distance is in the hint world. 22:08 Started. 22:11 Jumped to Nexus. Jumped to great zero. 22:14 Activated for height. 22:15 Jumped to Relto. 22:16 Jumped to Balcony. in Bevin. (?) 22:17 Found it. Jumped to Relto. 22:18 Jumped to Nexus. 22:19 Jumped to great zero. 22:20 Activated height. 22:21 Activated angle. 22:22 Jumped to Relto. 22:23 Jumpedt to balcony. 22:24 Found. 22:25 Jumped to Relto. 22:26 Jumped to Nexus. 22:28 Activated. Activated distance. 22:29 Jumped to hint world. 22:31 Found it. Jumped to Relto. 22:32 Jumped to Nexus. 22:35 Last 57325 110 -79. 22:36 Jumped to Relto. (Break)

22:59 (Continued.) 23:00 Jumped to D'ni. 23:04 Jumped to Relto. 23:05 Jumped to some balcony near the water. 23:07 Wrong. Jumped to Relto. 23:08 Jumped to another balcony. 23:10 Jumped to Relto. 23:11 Jumped to Bevim. 23:12 Jumped to Relto. 23:15 Checked notes. It is near the concert Hall. Jumped to D'ni. 23:20 Activated it without jumping. 23:22 Jumped to Nexus. Jumped to great zero. (Short break.)

23:25 (Continued.) 23:27 Activated great zero. When I walked back, I saw the path of the shell symbol. (Break.)

23:49 (Continued.) Jumped to Nexus. 23:50 Jumped to Ferry Terminal. 23:55 Jumped through path to the shell symbol. 23:57 Found some other Relto paper. 23:58 I fell down and arrived in Relto again. 23:59 Jumped to D'ni. 0:01 Still cannot go in hint room. 0:02 Back to Relto. 0:03 Jumped to hint room. 0:09 Back to Relto (Break) Studied the notes. You have to kick away all the small animals from the island.

0:40 (Continued.) Jumped to island. 0:53 Moved all animals away, all the lights went out. 0:54 Jumped to small world. 0:55 And back to water world. The animals are still gone. What is next? 0:56 Jumped with linking book. 0:58 And back. Everything looks dead now. 1:01 Walked to the little island. Noticed a cloth. Let's tough it. 1:02 I broke one of the crystal trees. 1:09 I fell down. Back to Relto. 1:10 Jumped to small world. 1:11 Jumped to island. 1:13 Jumped to small world. 1:14 And back. The world has changed again. 1:25 Tried to jump to small island, but failed, of course. 1:32 Jumped down again. And jumped back to island. 1:34 Jumped to small world and back. 1:35 Everything is normal again. 1:38 I geuss I have to jump with cloth. Back to Relto. 1:39 Did this. Yes, I am inside the tower. I moved some lever. 1:58 Jumped to small world. 1:59 Time has changed again. I fell down. 2:00 Jumped in with cloth. There is a note here saying 3:66 2:03 Nowhere to go. Quit.

I looked at the hints and it said you had to jump back to Relto and then inside tower again after having moved something in tower.

Session 19: Evening of October 14, 2007

20:51 Started. 20:54 Jumped to island. 20:55 Jumped to small world and back. 20:57 Jumped to small world. 20:58 Jumped back and next to Relto. 20:59 Jumped to island with cloth. I turned the wheel an pulled lever. 21:02 Jumped to Relto. And jumped back with cloth. The time has changed. 21:06 Jumped back to Relto. And jumped in with cloth. 21:07 I am back in the same time. (Break.)

21:15 (Continued.) Jumped to island. 21:17 Jumped to small world. And back. 21:19 Jumped to small world. 21:20 And back. (Break.)

21:23 (Continued.) 21:24 Jumped with cloth. Turned wheel and pulled lever. 21:25 Jumped to Relto. Jumped with cloth. 21:26 Forward in time. Jumped to Relto. 21:27 Jumped to island. 21:28 Jumped to small world and back. 21:30 Jumped to small world. And back. 21:31 Everything is normal, jumped to Relto. 21:32 Jumped with cloth. Turned wheel. Jumped to Relto. 21:33 Jumped with cloth. Time did not go forward. Climbed up and looked through window. Everything looks the same. 21:34 Let's look outside. 21:35 I could swim without problems.

22:06 Took some break, and read the hints. It is behind some island in the distance. 22:11 Found some tunnel. I find this a little fake. 22:13 I pulled the lever in the back room. 22:21 I swam back to the tower. I turned the wheel. 22:25 The water was flowing again. Turned the wheel again. 22:28 I am back at the tunnel. I found a cloth again. Let's touch it. 22:30 Jumped to Relto. (After I pulled the lever some times.) 22:31 Jumped in with cloth again. 22:37 Pulled lever in tower. Jumped to Relto. 22:38 Jumped in with cloth. 22:39 Found another cloth. I touched it. 22:42 Let's jump one age further. 22:43 Jumped to small world, and jumped to island. 22:51 Jumped to small world. 22:52 Jumped to Relto. And jumped with cloth to island. 22:57 Jumped to small world and back. 22:58 Ran around. Jumped to small world and back. 22:59 Jumped to Relto. Jumped to island with cloth. 23:00 Found another Relto paper. 23:03 Nowhere to go. Jumped to Relto. 23:04 Quit.

I did read the hints.

Session 20: Evening of October 15, 2007

21:10 Started. 21:12 Jumped to island. Second age. 21:14 Jumped to small world and back. 21:15 Jumped to small world. 21:16 And back. At tower. Door is closed! 21:20 Jumped to small world. And back. 21:22 Touched cloth in "second" age. 21:23 Jumped to small world, and back. 21:24 Jumped down, and jumped with cloth. 21:25 Jumped with normal to island. 21:27 Jumped to small world. 21:28 Jumped to island. Jumped to Relto. 21:29 Jumped back with cloth. Pulled lever. Opened door. 21:32 Pulled lever inside "cave". Nothing happened. But it did take longer to go down. 21:34 I pulled it a second time, but nothing happened. 21:38 I suppose the water should be flowing. 21:40 Checked to see if the door is still open. It is. 21:42 Touched cloth inside "cave". 21:45 Turned wheel and pulled lever. Opened door. Jumped to Relto. 21:46 Jumped back with cloth. 21:47 Pulled lever. But nothing happened. 21:48 Jumped to Relto, and jumped in normal. 21:49 Jumped to small world. 21:50 And back. 21:51 Jumped to small world. 21:52 And back. 21:54 Luckily the door is still open. I am going to read the hints. Quit. (Studied hints.)

Session 21: Evening of October 16, 2007

22:31 Started. 22:35 Jumped to island. 22:36 Jumped to small world. 22:37 And back. 22:38 Jumped to small world. 22:39 And back. 22:40 Jumped to small world. 22:41 And back. 22:47 Went to tower. Switched off water, pulled lever. Went to cave touched cloth, pulled lever. 22:48 Jumped to Relto. 22:49 Jumped in with cloth. Found note saying 2:30. 22:57 Pulled the lever and found the ladder down. 22:58 Touched cloth. 23:00 Sitting on the chair. Pulled upper lever. Brings you upstairs again. 23:01 Turned left lever. Turned around. 23:02 Pulled upper lever. Brings you up again. 23:03 Pulled right lever. 23:05 Went forward to room with red lights. Went up. Note saying 5:57. 23:08 Found buttons. 23:11 Pressed the buttons in the order of displayed in small world. (Read the order from my notes.) 23:12 Switched the clock on. Touched cloth. 23:13 Pushed button before window. Jumped in with stone. Found note saying 5:33. Jumped to Relto. 23:22 Jumped with cloth to other world. 23:24 The machine is not on! What has happen? Jumped with stone. 23:25 Back to Relto. 23:27 Jumped to garden world. Showed my sister around a little. Quit.

Session 22: Evening of October 18, 2007

22:27 Started. 22:29 Jumped to the start of train world. 22:36 (Break.)

23:07 (Continued.) 23:09 Changed some things in controlroom. 23:12 Activated burners. Now we can wait for 15 minutes. Or so. 23:13 Jumped to Relto. 23:14 Jumped back with cloth. 23:26 Light went on. Pushed button. 23:27 Pushed button. Jumped with stone. But no brick. 23:28 Jumped to Relto. Jumped with cloth to train world. 23:30 Try again. It worked. Jumped to Relto. 23:31 Jumped to island world with cloth. Jumped with stone. 23:34 Jumped to Relto. 23:35 Jumped with cloth to train world. 23:37 Dropped another one. Jumped to Relto. Jumped to island world with cloth. 23:38 Activated clock. 23:39 Jumped with stone cloth. Still the same. Jumped to Relto. 23:40 Jumped to train world with cloth. 23:41 Took brick and jumped. Jumped to Relto. 23:42 Jumped to island world with cloth. 23:43 Jumped to Relto. 23:44 Jumped to train world. 23:46 Did it again and jumped to Relto. Jumped with cloth to island world. 23:47 Jumped with cloth stone. 23:48 Still nothing. I will read the hints. 0:01 In the hints it says you should study the note in the room on the island world. 0:02 Jumped there with cloth. 0:13 Jumped with stone. 0:14 Back to Relto. Jumped to train wordl with cloth. There is only a note with 5:18 here. 0:28 I checked the hints. It is just the time you have to wait. They will fall about 15 minutes later. So all these notes are refering to times. It looks like you have to release the Path of the shell after a certain time, I guess. Really funny. Quit.

Session 23: Evening of October 21, 2007

17:21 Started. 17:24 Jumped to start of train world. 17:34 Activated ovens. Let's wait here. 17:48 The burners are off. (50, 40, 30) 17:51 It seems it is not possible to get to the other side. 17:52 Jumped to Relto. (Break.)

18:01 (Continued.) Jumped to train world with cloth. 18:03 Took first and dropped it. 18:04 Jumped to Relto. Jumped back with cloth. 18:05 Took second and dropped it. 18:06 Jumped to Relto. Jumped to island world with cloth. 18:07 Jumped with stone. Now have to wait some time. 18:19 It gives some light and drawings appear on the wall. I copied half of the drawing. Waiting for second. 18:20 The second arrived. I copied the rest of the drawing, but not really have time to watch the other drawings on the walls. 18:21 Jumped to Relto. 18:22 Jumped to path of the shell. 18:32 I pushed the ball all the way till the top. Nothing has changed here. I still have no clue what you should do. (Break.)

19:01 I read in the hints that the number refer to verses in the new books in Relto. Searching the numbers on the notes: 1:38, 1:4, 1:89, 2:18, 2:30, 3:110, 3:72, 3:66, 4:10, 4:52, 5:57, 5:32 (or 33?), and 5:18. 19:18 Jumped to Relto.
1:4 The door lies at the end of the path.
1:38 The passing of time brings the path to the gathered.
1:89 Be still and the path will be made known.
2:18 The action of the gathered means nothing.
2:30 Darkness comes at the end of time.
3:66 The passing of time brings the past to the present.
3:72 Take time to understand the path of the shell.
3:110 The path of the stone is toil for the gathered.
4:10 The number of the watcher is sixhundred and twenty five.
4:55 The way is made clear at the end of time.
5:18 The gathered will find rest when the light comes.
5:32 Roll the stone to know the deceiver.
5:57 The path is folly for those who tail.

21:02 (Continued.) Studied first book, without number. 21:05 Jumped to the Path of the shell. 21:15 Jumped to Relto and from there to train world with cloth. 21:17 Dropped third, jumped to Relto. 21:18 Jumped back in. 21:19 Dropped fourth. Jumped to Relto. 21:20 Jumped back in. 21:21 Dropped fifth and last. 21:22 Jumped to Relto. Jumped to island world with cloth. 21:23 Jumped with cloth stone. 21:28 I practiced some with taking pictures. 21:35 I took two pictures. You can take at most one picture when a brick falls. I am waiting for the last brick. 21:36 I managed to take two pictures. Jumped back to Relto. Let's read the hints. 21:45 Okay, I read all the hints. You have to stand still in the light for 15 minutes. Jumped to Path of the Shell. 21:47 I switched it on and looked at the ground. Then I switched it off and on again. Now we have to wait 15 minutes. I did not find all the notes. I never would have been able to solve this puzzle on my own. Too far fetched. 22:02 The ticking sound stopped. 22:03 Found the ladder. 22:04 Pushed the button. 22:06 I am in the building after crossing the bridge. There is a cloth here. I pressed it. There is another drawing here. 22:11 I pushed the button but nothing smees to happen. It turns on after some time. 22:12 It is now dark outside. Did I do that? 22:13 I ran back, but I cannot get out anymore. 22:15 Jumped back to Relto. And back to the path of the shell. 22:18 The ladder is gone again. I switched on the light. The ticking sound is there again. Have to wait another 15 minutes. 22:32 Ladder activated. 22:38 I pushed the button and walked to the building. And I came back. 22:39 I jumped down, behind the ball. There is a hole in the ground. 22:41 I am back at the start again. How strange. 22:43 I switched off the light, which caused stair to dissappear again. And I walked to balcony. Which still gives the same view. (Break.)

22:57 (Continued.) When I came back, the stars were out again. 23:01 Jumped to Relto. 23:02 Jumped back with cloth. I walked back and I pushed button again. Nothing happened. 23:10 I walked around and I am back at the entrance hall. 23:15 I read in the hints that there is an "exit" in the "tree". Jumped to Relto. 23:16 Jumped back in with cloth. 23:18 I walked over the pattern onto the middle but nothing happened. Maybe have to wait another 15 minutes (or so). 23:23 It worked. 23:26 I am in the original Myst building. But everything seems empty. I picked up some clothes. 23:29 You can push the patterns on the door. 23:40 I keyed all four patterns but nothing happened. Maybe I have to draw them on top of each other. Let's try. 23:48 Again, nothing. 23:52 I had forgotten one. 23:56 I checked the solution in the hints, and discovered I had one wrong. 23:59 Found the linking book and jumped to it. 0:05 Some story by Yeesha. 0:12 Jumped to Relto. I am almost finished. 0:14 Jumped back to Myst library. 0:22 Got the fireplace sheet as described in the hints. 0:25 Jumped to last place. 0:39 Jumped to Relto. 0:40 Jumped with cloth to "purple" world. 0:42 Found the new linking book. 0:44 Found the butterfly Relto page. 0:46 Jumped back to Relto. 0:48 Quit.

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