Logbook Uru Live

On this page, I keep a logbook of my explorations of Uru Live. It is an almost verbatim copy of the notes that I made, so don't expect it to be grammatically correct or understandable. It is not a walk through, but I guess it can be understood by someone that played the game.

See also my Uru: Ages Beyond Myst logbook, my Uru: To D'ni logbook, and my Uru: Path of the Shell logbook.

Session 1: Evening of February 21, 2010

21:13 Started 21:15 Relto. Jumped to desert. => crash. 21:17 Restarted 21:20 Jumped to desert. Touched first. 21:24 Touched second. 21:25 Touched third. 21:26 Got paper. 21:28 Went into cliff. 21:30 Touched fourth. 21:26 Pressed pedal -> nothing. 21:39 Switched wind mill on. 21:41 Closed door of projector room 21:43 Listening to Yeesha's message. 21:45 Touched fifth. 21:47 Touched sixth on outside door. 21:49 Pushed pedal. Touched last, opened door and went downstairs. 21:51 Touched paper, returned to Relto. Touched first book. Read "inspired verse". 21:53 Break

21:56 Activated middle linking book. Have I been here before? No. 21:58 Touched first cloth. 21:59 Touched second. 22:00 Found exit. Touched third. 22:01 Found paper. 22:03 Touched fourth. 22:04 Touched fifth. 22:05 Touched sixth. 22:06 Linking book back. 22:09 Touched last, I guess. Touched "door". It only starts turning. 22:11 Did it again. Nothing seems to happen. Maybe something in another world. 22:13 Jumped back. 22:14 Went into classroom "D'ni Time". Found message to link to Gahreesen aga for KI. 22:19 Looked around eff-rooms. 22:21 Linked to Gahreesen (Break)

22:26 (Continued) 22:27 Found linking cloth. Used it. 22:28 Jumped back to Relto. 22:29 Opened linking books on pilars. 22:30 Jumped to Gahreesen. 22:33 Got KI. Linking book to Nexus. 22:34 Touched first cloth. 22:36 Touched second. 22:41 Failed second attempt to engine room. Third also failed. Jumped back to Relto. 22:47 To D'ni. 22:48 Touched right linking book. 22:50 Activated KI and found first. Jumped to Nexus. 22:53 Jumped to Musicologi Bevim. 22:58 Found second. Tried to speak, but many speak French here. Talked with myrivex. 23:05 Jumped to Nexus. 23:06 Jumped to Watchers pub. 23:14 Jumped to one of path of the shell worlds. 23:17 Touched cloth. 23:18 Went on train. 23:20 Moved train. 23:23 Touched second. 23:26 Switched power on. 23:35 Break.

23:41 Jumped back to Relto. 23:42 To Nexus. 23:43 To Ferry Terminal. 23:53 Found another one. 0:03 In "museum", found new aga. Linked there. 0:05 Found paper on one of upper floors. 0:06 Going down. There is a linking book here. Button doesn't do anything. 0:07 Switched on master switch. 0:10 Switched on all sounds 0:12 Switched everything off. 0:13 To Nexus. To Kirel. Not much to see. 0:20 To Nexus. To Ferry Terminal. 0:26 Back in "Museum". 0:31 They all seem to link to same age, but different parts. 0:38 Found linking book in other "museum". Linked there. 0:51 I am totally lost. Jumped back to Relto. 0:57 Crashed on highest graphics resolution. Restarted. Set resolution to medium. 1:01 Jumped to Nexus and to Maintainers pub. Not much to see. 1:07 Back to Relo. 1:09 To Ferry Terminal. 1:10 Half way back to Nexus. Appearantly doesn't work. 1:11 To Ferry Terminal. 1:14 In "Dome". There is another linking book here. 1:17 Found last marker. Jumped into Jalah. 1:27 Killed myself there.

Session 2: Evening of Monday, February 22, 2010

22:15 Started 22:20 Jumped to Nexus, to Ferry Terminal. 22:25 Jumped into "new age" just after someone else 22:31 Back to Nexus. 22:32 To Ferry Terminal. 22:34 Jumped with third book. 22:38 To Nexus, to Ferry Terminal. 22:41 Fourth book. 22:49 Back to Nexus. To Ferry Terminal. 22:51 Looked at map. Seems to be related. 22:59 Linked back to Nexus. 23:00 Jumped to Relto. 23:01 Linked to KI Room. Activated link. Now have to look for red markers. 23:02 To Nexus. 23:03 To Great Zero. 23:07 Door to the back is closed. 23:08 Back to Nexus. 23:10 talk to sylvain5. 23:12 Found first red. 23:20 Talking to Jason Petersen. Told me about /afk. 23:27 I fell doen, back to Relto. (Break)

0:25 Jumped into mushroom age. 0:26 Touched first cloth. 0:30 Activated light catcher. 0:32 Fixed it at sun. 0:35 In elevator. Touched second cloth. 0:37 Behind panel. 0:42 Released brake from elevator. Pushed yellow (down). 0:43 Pushed blue. And again. 0:44 Touched third cloth. Opened blinds. 0:45 Sat at table. Note down some D'ni numbers. 0:53 Took some time to open aquarium. 0:54 Linked there. Found second red marker. 0:57 Used linking stone. 0:58 Jumped to Relto. 0:59 Jumped with cloth back in. Elevator to the bottom. 1:00 Opened gate. 1:04 Touched cloth. 1:05 I forgot how to solve this puzzle. What are the D'ni number again? 1:07 Found them on website. 1:13 Put three stones on marked, but that did not work. 1:17 I am in. 1:20 Touched another cloth. 1:22 Found linking stone and used it. 1:32 Found paper. And linking cloth. 1:27 Ladder up. 1:30 Enjoyed the the view. Found linking cloth. 1:32 Jumped to Relto. And back with linking cloth. 1:33 Another linking cloth. Sixth. 1:35 Brought ladder down. 1:38 Touched last cloth and put on shirt. 1:42 Activated exit. 1:43 Jumped down. -> crashed. Restarted. Went into dessert world. Fell down and back to Relto. 1:51 In again. Linked to other part. 1:45 First cloth. 1:55 Second. 1:57 Third and fourth. 2:00 Found sheet. 2:01 Back to desert world. 2:05 Found linking stone and used it. 2:06 Found third red marker. And fourth. 2:11 Back to Relto. 2:14 Jumped into "puzzle" world. 2:15 Touched first. 2:17 Linked to "hints" room. Found fifth marker. Made some drawings. 2:21 Linked back. 2:27 Touched second cloth. Fixed second set of dials. 2:29 Door opened. 2:30 Touched linking stone. Found sixth marker. 2:32 Back to Relto.

Session 3: Evening of Tuesday, February 23, 2010

20:46 Started 20:53 Jumped to "puzzle" age. 20:54 At floor light puzzle. 21:00 Back to Relto. 21:01 To hint age. 21:02 The code is 01101 blue, green white red white green blue red blue white green red. 21:07 Jumped 21:14 (Break)

21:59 Continued. 22:01 Floor lowered. 22:04 Found paper. 22:06 Touched linking cloth. Third. 22:12 Went downstairs. 22:13 Touched cloth. 22:16 Up the ladders. 22:16 Still too low. 22:18 Up the ladders again. 22:19 Touched cloth. 22:20 Everything down again. What's next. Just check my earlier notes. 22:27 Found mentioning of 1,4,1,2. Executed that order, but nothing happened. Maybe tery numbering from left-to-right. 22:29 Reset. 22:31 Again nothing happened. 22:36 Looked at the hints page and got the idea. 22:39 Ladder came down. 22:45 Made drawing of switch board. 22:50 Jumped to Relto. To hint room 22:55 Back to Relto. Jumped to puzzle age and climbed ladders. 23:03 Came up with 1 3 4 5 2 6. That did it. 23:05 Linking book to hints room. 23:06 Touched sixth cloth. 23:07 Found other linking book in the corner. 23:10 Activated linking book in the corner. Found paper. 23:12 Found paper saying: I'v saved his life. 23:13 Nowehere to go. Back to Relto and back in. 23:15 Found last linking cloth. And ran. 23:19 (Break.)

23:24 (Continued.) 23:26 Touched last linking cloth. 23:29 Took picture. 23:32 Pressed door. -> It crashed. 23:33 Restarted. 23:36 Jumped with cloth. 23:38 I fell down. Jumped in with cloth again. 23:40 Entered exit again. No crash. 23:45 Jumped down. Back at Relto. 23:46 Jumped to new desser age. 23:53 Found a "blue" flag somewhere in the middle. 23:56 I am lost. Jumped back to Relto. Quit.

Session 4: Evening of Wednesday, February 24, 2010

18:59 Opened explorer. 19:01 Jumped into turning aga with cloth. I am upstairs! 19:02 Back to Relto. 19:03 Jumped in. 19:06 I am in control room (Break)

19:12 (Continued.) (While eating) 19:15 Pushed the pedals at floor. 19:20 Activated everything. 19:21 Touched fifth cloth. 19:24 Walked around. 19:27 Found working elevator. On the roof. 19:32 Enjoyed view. 19:33 Touched sixth cloth. 19:35 Jumped to big rotating building. 19:37 Found linking stone. 19:40 Reading KI manual. 19:42 Continued looking around. 19:46 In other meeting room. 19:53 Reading notebook. 19:54 Touched seventh cloth. 19:57 Went to other meeting room, touched linking stone. 19:48 Found new marker. 20:00 (Break)

20:19 Linked to Relto. 20:20 Jumped into with cloth. 20:26 Jumped to middle jumping rock. 20:27 Touched linking cloth. 20:28 Jumped to other pillar. Jumped to exit and went in. 20:31 Jumped down. Third totem arrived. Quit.

Session 5: Evening of Thursday, February 25, 2010

21:51 Started. 21:56 Jumped to desert age. 21:57 Opened one valve. 21:58 Closed one near wall. 21:59 Touched cloth. Jumped to other side. Fixed chair. 22:06 Jumped to other world. 22:09 Got fire flies and jumped 22:11 I lost them when walking through the water. I guess I have to jump. 22:12 Jumped to garden age. 22:18 Got some flies and jumped. 22:21 Success: I crossed the water with the flies. Opened the door. 22:31 Got the second chair in the right place. Not very easy. 22:32 Jumped to garden age. 22:35 Got flies again and jumped. 22:36 Lost flies. 22:37 Jumped back. 22:40 Got flies and jumped. 22:42 Success: Touched seventh cloth. 22:43 Switched light on. 22:44 Jumped back with flies. 22:45 Before exit with flies. 22:46 It does not work. Because of the flies? Still on cloth missing. 22:49 Jumped to deset age. 22:51 I will check the hints. 22:55 Found it, and toched it. 22:56 Jumped too far. Killed myself. 22:57 Jumped to garden age with cloth. 22:58 Got some flies, but then it started to rain. Waited in the tunnel for the rain to go away. 23:00 Opened exit and went in. 23:01 Jumped down -> crash.

Session 6: Evening of Friday, February 26, 2010

20:47 Started (pauze)

20:59 Jumped to mushroom age. 21:03 Crash. Sever down? 21:05 Restarted. 21:09 Jumped to mushroom age. 21:11 Touched cloth. 21:13 Opened first gate. And went through. Touched cloth on other side of bridge. 21:16 Back to Relto. Jumped in. 21:20 Opened first gate. Jumped to Relto. 21:21 Jumped in with cloth. 21:22 Jumped in. 21:23 Looked through telescope. 21:24 Jumped to other Relto. 21:29 Tried some jump, but failed. Back to Relto. 21:31 Jumped to Nexus. 21:32 Jumped to Ferry Terminal. 21:36 Jumped down by accident. Back in Relto. 21:37 To Nexus. 21:38 To Ferry Terminal. 21:53 Looked around, found one marker. 21:54 Read book with (new) desert age. There are many numbers written below D'ni numbers. 21:56 Looked at "Jalah" notebook. 22:03 Jumped to Nexus. 22:04 Jumped to watchers pub. 22:11 Jumped to other path of the shell age. 22:12 Jumped again. 22:14 touched first shell cloth. 22:17 I made it to the small iland. 22:20 Back on the big island. 22:24 Send all the crabs into the water, and jumped. 22:28 Found two more crabs. Jumped again. And again. This time it looks different. 22:30 Touched shell cloth. 22:34 Destroyed all crystal trees. Jumped. 22:38 Found one more piece of crystal. Jumped. 22:39 Jumped. 22:40 Jumped again. 22:41 And again. 22:46 Lost in the water. Jumped back to Relto. 22:47 Quit. Read some hints. 23:12

Session 7: Evening of Sunday, March 14, 2010

21:34 Started. 21:37 Jumped with cloth to "time" age. 21:41 Jumped and jumped again. I am back where I was. All the crabs are back. 21:53 Jumped twice. Still back at the same it looks. 21:55 Scared away one. Jumped twice. 21:56 It worked. 21:57 Jumped twice. 21:58 Jumped to Relto. 21:59 Jumped back with cloth. And touched cloth. Back to Relto. 22:00 Jumped in normal. 22:01 Jumped. 22:02 And again. To Relto. Jumped in with cloth. I am inside building now. 22:03 Turned wheel. 22:04 Opened door. 22:06 Swimming goes much better now. 22:08 Went to exit on the side. 22:10 Touched cloth. 22:12 Swam back. Jumped. 22:13 And again. To Relto. Jumped in with cloth. 22:14 Touched cloth. 22:15 Tried handle -> nothing. To Relto. (Break)

22:19 (Continued.) 22:20 Jumped twice. To Relto. 22:21 Jumped in with cloth. And touched cloth. 22:22 To Relto. 22:24 Jumped in normal 22:25 Jumped. 22:26 Again. 22:27 Jumped twice. 22:28 To Relto. Jumped with cloth. 22:29 Touched magic paper. 22:33 Jumped twice. (Break).

22:48 (Continued.) 22:49 Went to island, turned wheel. To Relto. 22:50 Jumped with cloth. Pulled lever, but nothing worked. 22:51 Touched cloth. To Relto. 22:52 Jumped in normal. 22:53 Jumped twice. To Relto. 22:54 Jumped with cloth. Touched cloth. 22:55 Jumped to Relto. Back in normal. 22:56 Jumped. 22:57 Again. To Relto. In with cloth. 22:58 Found another magical paper. 22:59 Lever -> no response. Quit. Read the hints. Something about switch near the wheel. 23:05 (Break)

23:11 Started again. 23:15 Jumped in "time" aga. 23:16 Jumped. 23:17 And again. 23:24 I have no idea what I should do. There is no lever near the wheel. 23:25 Quit. Read hints and forums. 23:45 Started again. 23:49 Jumped in. 23:56 Swam to exit and touched cloth. Pulled lever, no grinding noise. Or yes some. 23:57 Jumped to Relto. 23:58 Jumped in with cloth. I am still at number one. 23:59 Back to Relto. Jumped in normal. 0:00 Jumped. 0:01 Again. 0:02 Jumped twice. 0:03 Fell down. Jumped in normal. 0:04 Jumped. 0:05 Again. 0:06 Went to tower. Still no extra lever. 0:09 Swam to exit and touched cloth. 0:10 Exit. 0:16 The forumns says you need a friend.

Session 8: Evening of Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I downloaded the latest version of the program, because I had noticed earlier that the version I was using, did not really work anymore. It is a long time ago, I played with it, and I just wanted to see if there was anything new to be seen. While playing, I realized I had forgotten many things and names.

19:03 Started. There is thunder. Looked at turning stone. 19:07 There is an extra 'island' 19:12 Jumped to "main". 19:14 Jumped back. Jumped to great orm?? 19:15 Jumped to "watcher's pub" 19:21 Jumped back. 19:22 To Ferry Terminal. Walked through Museum where there were some others. Walked around. Found "riddle" room, now can walk in. Found button upstairs. Seems not to do anything. (Talked to G..) 19:23 To Relto. Talked with G., but could not make it (Sharing my book, in orde to solve some puzzle.) work. 20:50 Quit.

Session 9: Evening of Saturday, December 31, 2011

21:21 Started 21:24 Jumped to Ferry Terminal. Looked around. 21:38 Back to Relto. (Very slow.) 21:43 Tried to jump to small 'island'. Got Network error 5. Quit.

Spend some time reading about D'ni number and writing system.

Session 10: Evening of Sunday, January 1, 2012

22:11 Started 22:15 Jumped to a balcony in the city searching for markers 22:18 back to Relto, and back to some study rooms in the vase. There is a Christmas tree here. 22:22 Jumped with cloth. Nothing to see. 22:24 Relto. And study room again. 22:25 Used link book. 22:26 To Nexus. 22:27 To Ferry Terminal. 22:30 In museum. Study map. 22:37 To first "pod". 22:42 Switched-off: everything dark, back to Nexus. 22:43 To Kirel. Looked everywhere. 22:52 Nexus. 22:53 The Greeters pub. Not much to see. 22:57 Back to Relto. 22:58 To other neighbourhood (in the cave) 23:00 Found marker. 23:06 Found another one. 23:11 Third marker here. 23:12 Jumper to "quiet" age. 23:19 Back to Relto. To balcony. Found marker. Still three to go. 23:20 To Relto. 23:21 Jumped to balcony in the city. (Already was here tonight.) 23:22 To Relto. 23:23 To other balcony. 23:26 To Relto. 23:27 To "riddle" room. Nobody here. Is this a private "city"? 23:29 To second "pod". 23:31 Switched on. 23:32 This is 13. 23:37 To Nexus, to Hood. 23:38 Jumped with cloth. 23:39 Third "pod". Is cross. 23:42 To Nexus. To Ferry Terminal. 0:12 Jumped down. 0:13 Quit.

Session 11: Evening of April 11, 2012

I walked around The Open Cave. Solved the cleft

Session 12: Evening of April 12, 2012

20:53 Started URU Open 20:57 Explore. 20:58 Jump to Bevin. 20:59 Jumped to "turning" age to get KI. 21:01 Looked at linking stone. 21:02 To Nexus. 21:03 Watchers pub. 21:07 Back to Relto and from there to Nexus. 21:08 To Ferry Terminal. 21:18 Desert age. 21:21 To cleft. Finisched. 21:45 Exit.

21:52 Started URU live. 21:57 Jumpe into city. (Totally deserted.) 22:03 Quit.

22:19 Started The Open Cave. Jump to Bevin. 22:22 Jumped to city with stone. 22:24 Back to Relto and to Bevin. 22:26 Got KI. Jumped to Nexus. 22:27 Jumped to City of Dimensions. 22:40 Took elevator, looked around, fell down. Back to Relto. 22:41 Nexus. Tried Test age. Does not work! Aborted program. Restarted. 22:47 To Nexus. 22:48 To Ferry Terminal. Some people there, showing commands. 22:06 To Relto, to Nexus. 22:13 Crash.

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