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Diary, November 2012

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The beginning of tears

At 14:24, I bought a Moleskine 2013 Pocket Hard Cover Daily Planner (3.5 x 5.5) (ISBN:9788866131052) from bookshop Broekhuis for € 16.95. At 14:36, I bought the book Het begin van tranen (The beginning of tears) with stories from Bernlef (ISBN:9789021433769) from bookshop De Slegte for € 5.99. Yesterday, I already had seen this book and read a small part of it when it was display because Bernlef died recently.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Went into the city with Andy. We went to bookshop Kruimeltje. Because the owner has decided to close the shop, all the books are now sold for half the price. At 13:59, I bought Kinderen van Duin (Children of Dune) by Frank Herbert (ISBN:9789029008549) for € 5.00. When we went to bookshop De Slegte we found the first floor almost completely empty. Only the books along the walls were still there and in the middle their were some books and DVD's on sale. The shop is going to be refurbished the coming week. Probably this is part of the merging with Selexyz bookshops. De Slegte for a long time, only sold cheap (remaindered) and second hand books. Last year the also started to sell the top 50 new books. I understood that they were doing well compared to bookshops that only sell new books, and so I don't understand why they are now becoming more like a normal bookshop, especially because there is a normal bookshop, Broekhuis, on the otherside of the street.

Friday, November 16, 2012

De Slegte + ?

This afternoon, I visited bookshop De Slegte, which was refurbished in the previous days. They also temporarily changed the name into "De Slegte + ?" because now that they have merged with the Selexyz bookshops, they are looking for a new name. There is also some text on the window to explain this, stating that they want to introduce a new bookshop concept: Bookshop 3.0. However, when I went into the shop, I noticed not much had changed. The books about cooking have moved to make place for a whole wall of magazines. I wonder whether they are going to sell a lot of magazines, because just right on the otherside of the street there is bookshop Broekhuis with a similar wall. Some of the low tables in the center of the shops, which were often used for new arrivals, have disappeared. On the website, I commented that I would like to see a screen in the shop where I could easily see all new arrivals. The back of the shop and the second floor (including stair) have remained unchanged. They had some interesting promotion activities with the reopening of the shop, but I did not buy anything this time.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Self, logic and figurative thinking

At 14:03, I bought the book Self, logic and figurative thinking by Harwood Fisher (ISBN:9780231145046) for € 10.00 from bookshop Kruimeltje for about one fourth of the original price.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Komputerstrukturen 1a

This evening, I spend some time comparing images with respect to Komputerstrukturen 1a by Peter Struycken. A reproduction of this work of art is included in P. Struycken komputerstrukturen from 1970. This reproduction is also found in P. Struycken (2007) on page 108. On August 23, I already discovered that this likely contained some errors. In Profile IX, Niederländische Kunst heute on page 155 a printout is given with three designs, of which the bottom one matches the Komputerstrukturen 1a. Compare with this the reproductions contain the following six differences:

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catalogue 435

Today, I received Nederlandse inzending Biennale Sao Paulo, Catalogue 435, by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam about an exhibition with the same title containing works of Ad Dekkers, Jan Schoonhoven, and Peter Struycken. I bought it through the internet for 4 Euro.

Palindrome date

Today is a palindrome date when written according to the DD-MM-YY format: 21-11-12 and the YY.MM.DD formats: 12-11-21. The previous such date was November 11, 2011 and the next will be November 2, 2020.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Acht in Opdracht

Today, I received the book Acht in Opdracht (Eight in assignment) by Ton van Gestel and Caroline Boot, ISBN:9789070962104, published by the Dutch textile museum in Tilburg about an exhibition with the same title containing works of eight artist including Peter Struycken. I bought it through the internet for € 7.50.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Preface to Sartre

At 11:52, I bought the book A Preface to Sartre by Dominick LaCapra, ISBN:9780416721201, from bookshop De Slegte for € 7.95 during a very short visit of about four minutes.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Cloud Atlas

This evening, I went to see the movie Cloud Atlas. There are only two screenings per day, at 16:00 and 20:15. When I bought my tickets in the afternoon, and wanted to sit in the middle, I only had an option for a seat on the fifth row from the top. During the halfway break, I heard many people talk about that they did not understand the story or that this was not the type of movie they had expected. It is definitely not a main stream movie, and I guess it is only because of the names of the directors and actors that this is a main stream movie and not an arthouse movie. Especially towards the end, when all the stories come to an end, it become rather impressive and overwhelming. When I biked home, I realized that movie with the same message could also be written in just the present, because many of the situaties depicted in the movie are currently happening somewhere on the world.

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