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Diary, August 2012

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sale at Bijenkorf

This afternoon, I bought three books with 70% reduction the bookshop of De Bijenkorf. These are (with their reduced prices):

P. Struycken: Structuur 67

Today, I received the museum catalogue "P. Struycken - Structuur 67", which I ordered earlier this week through the internet. I can barely call it a book, because it consists of 8 transparent sheets held together with a transparent folded cover. Two sheets contain printed text. The other six contain designs by Peter Struycken, and I because they are only partial printed, I guess the idea is that you create your own art works by overlaying the sheets in various ways. I immediately put some paper sheets between them, because some of the sheets where stuck together. I will integrate the information the other information on the page Peter Struycken.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Curiosity Rover landing

I watched the landing of the Curiosity Rover on NASA TV around 7:31 AM local time. I started watching from around 6:45. Now around 7:48 everything has quiet down a little in the control room. The rover has safely landed and sended back some thumbnail pictures.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Komputerstruktuur 4 and 4a

I finally processed all the information that I got from my trip to Groninger Museum on Friday, July 27. It took me quite some hours. At some point, I felt I should have taken a more knowledge engineering approach to my data gathering and integration, because sometime you just come across to conflicting information or that you have to make some guess about two works being the same based on limited knowledge. One such example is that it seems that the names for the work Komputerstructuur 4 and 4a have been mixed up. Both Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam claim to posses Komputerstructuur 4a. I think, I am going to contact Peter Struycken about this and see if he can resolve the issue.

Earlier this week, I also received the magazine "Kunstbeeld", issue 11 from November 1999, that contains a four page article related to the exhibition De Kleuren van Struycken, so far the only information that I have found about this exhibition. There seems to be no catalogue, which I find rather strange.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I went to Zomergo, and rather relaxed Go retreat, for just one day. I met with old friends and new interesting people. I also played one official game (part of the tournament) against Ruwan, who rates himself as a weaker player, and I lost the game with two and half points. The main reason is that I lost about 20 points when I gave him the opportunity to kill a group. I did consider playing a move to make the group alive, but I guessed that he would not see it, and that I could still play some move to get some more points. Very stupid thought, because he did see it, even clearer than me, that he could kill the group. He is stronger in the area of tactics, but weaker in the area of strategy, which explains why I lost with only two and half points. Later, I played another friendly game agains Francien, which I won, although she is rated a little stronger than me. Besides us, there were two stronger players, and the player who lost concluded that it was because of the only move that he played almost blindly and did not really think about. Go is also very much a game of mental concentration and consideration of your opponents strong and weak points.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stanley Kubrick: The Experience

Today, I made a train trip to Amsterdam, but I got out in Utrecht and looked around there. I visited many bookshop: De Slegte (where I held a copy of L'Être et le néant in my hand), Selexyz Broese (where I looked at some computer science books), Aleph, Libris, Piet Snot, and Interglobe (where I found a map of Xinjiang, which I did not buy). I also visited Centraal Museum, where I asked if there where any works of Peter Struycken on display, which was not the case. And I visited Radio Centrum Electronica.

In Amsterdam, I went to ArtAffairs.Net only to find the gallery closed with a little note on the window stating that they are only open on appointment during July and August. Would have been nice if they would have communicated this on their website as well. There was a phone number, but I thought it would not be of much use to try it. I went there to see some works of Peter Struycken. I could not positively identify any of the drawings on the wall as being from him.

When I walked back to the central station, I discovered that the exhibition "Stanley Kubrick: The Experience" was held in the new film museum EYE on the otherside of the IJ. I took one of the free ferries to the otherside and watched the exhibition. It was nice to see the red helmet that played an important role in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey and the cabinet with cards related to the life of Napoleon Boneparte for one of the unrealized films.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My China

This afternoon, I bought the book Mijn China: Een culinaire rondreis (My China: A culinary tour) by Kylie Kwong (ISBN:9789059563025) from the bookshop of De Bijenkorf for € 12.50, for a quarter of the original price. I did not buy the book for the many recipies, but for the many pictures of daily life in China related to food, cooking and eating.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


In the past week, I have been working on the reimplementation of the program used for the Komputerstrukturen paintings by Peter Struycken in JavaScript. I based this implementation on the Algol60 program given in P. Struycken komputerstrukturen from 1970. The program has a command driven architecture where the input file consists of a list of commands (identified by numbers) that control the execution of the program. I took some time to create example input files for komputerstructuur 4 and komputerstructuur 4a based on the information given in the catalogue P. Struycken from 1976. At first, I did not realize I should change the codes for the various squares because Struycken rotated the output for the creation of his paintings. Next I wanted to reconstruct the input files of the other paintings based on the paintings and worked on a script in MySample for doing this. While working on komputerstructuur 1a, I discovered that it seemed that it contained an error, because there was only one square of a certain type, which seemed very unlikely. I decided to check komputerstructuur 4 and 4a for 'errors' and found six in the first and eleven in the second painting. [This conclusion proved to be incorrect.] In a sense it is not possible to say that there is an error in the painting, because maybe these were introduced on purpose by the artist. I know that Struycken used to fill in the paper printouts with a marker, and next copy the design on the painting. This introduced two manual steps that are a possible source of errors. Assuming that komputerstructuur 3a is made of three different elements (most likely in even distrubition) it contains ten errors. In komputerstructuur 2a, I could not find any errors. With respect to komputerstructuur 1 and 1a, I cannot make any statements with respect to errors, because I am still working on a methode to determine the most likely input data.

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