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JavaScript is a simple language that can be used to enhance web pages. What is particular interesting about it, is that it is supported by many web browsers, and is far more safe than Java, from which it bears its name. Actually, Java and JavaScript do not have much in common, except maybe for their names. Yes, the syntax also looks the same, but if that would be taken as a measure, than it would have a lot in common with so many other languages.

Because JavaScript programs are enterly run within the browser, there are no security issues to worry about. Another nice quality, it being a scripting language, is that it is complete encapsulated in HTML, thus allowing to create intelligent web pages which are contained in a single file, and can even be executed without having to connect to the internet.

I did start working on an interpreter for JavaScript.

Some JavaScript enabled pages.

I was rather happy to have discovered JavaScript. Here is a list of pages which have JavaScrip enhancements: